The Broadview Anthology of American Literature Concise Volume 1: Beginnings to Reconstruction
  • Print Publication Date: April 15, 2023
  • eBook Publication Date: January 31, 2023
  • ISBN: 9781554816194 / 155481619X
  • 1600 pages; 7¾" x 9⅜"

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The Broadview Anthology of American Literature Concise Volume 1: Beginnings to Reconstruction

  • Print Publication Date: April 15, 2023
  • eBook Publication Date: January 31, 2023
  • ISBN: 9781554816194 / 155481619X
  • 1600 pages; 7¾" x 9⅜"

About the Anthology

Guided by the latest scholarship in American literary studies, and deeply committed to inclusiveness, social responsibility, and rigorous contextualization, The Broadview Anthology of American Literature balances representation of widely agreed-upon major works with a thoroughgoing reassessment of the canon that emphasizes American literature’s diversity, variety, breadth, and connections with the rest of the Americas. This concise volume represents American literature from its pre-contact Indigenous beginnings through the Reconstruction period, offering a more streamlined alternative to the full two-volume set covering the same timespan.

Highlights of Concise Volume 1: Beginnings to Reconstruction

  • • Complete texts of Mary Rowlandson’s captivity narrative; Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave; and Benito Cereno
  • • In-depth thematic sections on such topics as “Rebellions and Revolutions,” “Print Culture and Popular Literature,” and “Expansion, Native American Expulsion, and Manifest Destiny”
  • • More extensive coverage of Indigenous oral and visual literature and African American oral literature than in competing anthologies
  • • Full author sections in the anthology are devoted to authors such as Anne Hutchinson, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Briton Hammon, Jane Johnston Schoolcraft, José María Heredia, Black Hawk, and many others
  • • Extensive online component offers well over a thousand pages of additional readings and other resources


Comments on Volumes A & B

“The Broadview Anthology is, quite simply, a breakthrough. From reproducing essential canonical texts to recovering unjustly forgotten ones, the editors offer a remarkably panoramic collection of American literature…. Meticulously researched and expertly assembled, the Broadview should be the new gold standard for scholars and teachers alike.”
Michael D’Alessandro, Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professor of English and Theater Studies, Duke University

“This is a literary anthology for a new generation, one that meets students where they live: both on the printed page and online. … I will be teaching with this anthology, and am confident that my classes will be greatly enriched by its capacious vision.”
Hester Blum, Pennsylvania State University

“As Frederick Douglass’ experience teaches, an anthology, at its best, can be a point of entry into a world of literary expression, powerful and empowering. The Broadview Anthology of American Literature is exactly this. … What I like most about this anthology, though, is that it never forgets its most important audience: students. There is a wealth of material here that will help them imagine and reimagine what American literature could be.”
Michael C. Cohen, UCLA

The Broadview Anthology of American Literature sweeps impressively across vast early America…. The multiplicity of early American locations, languages, and genres is here on wondrous display.”
Jordan Alexander Stein, Fordham University

“I am eager to teach with this anthology! It aligns with cutting-edge research through its selections, its introductions, and explanatory notes, and the texts are supplemented with primary documents that encourage teachers and students to think critically and dynamically.”
Koritha Mitchell, The Ohio State University

The Broadview Anthology of American Literature breathes new life into the early American literature survey. Its selections present early American literature in all its rich, weird, inviting abundance. … So much thought has been put into every aspect…, from the selection of texts to their organization to their presentation on the page; it will be a gift to classrooms for years to come.”
Lara Langer Cohen, Swarthmore College

“… [M]y students LOVE The Broadview Anthology of American Literature. I am also so impressed with it—the emphasis on colonization/decolonization, the selections, the INTRODUCTIONS AND HEADNOTES!! It’s a superb anthology, and I'm looking forward to using it for many, many years. … The anthology is a triumph. It truly is.”
Rebecca Bravard, Florida Southern College

“Big and bold … an important new option for teachers and students of American literature.”
Maurice Lee, Boston University

“… Volumes A and B have wonderful choices, with the benefit of adding much more material through online links. The choices that the editors have made about popular culture and race are really welcome….”
Shirley Samuels, Cornell University

“Hemispheric, multi-generic, [and] vibrantly illustrated, … this anthology is dynamic. Its capaciousness and ample resource materials make for a text that is always … meeting its readers in new ways.”
Russ Castronovo, Tom Paine Professor of English and Dorothy Draheim Professor of American Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“These two anthologies are by far the best of their kind I have seen. The range and diversity of authors, the rich historical contextualizations, the important and well-curated thematic ‘Contexts’ sections, and the careful and capacious scholarly insight that clearly animates the entire project make the volumes a superior choice for courses….”
Mark Rifkin, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

The Broadview Anthology of American Literature promises to be a dynamic addition to the genre—I’m very much looking forward to teaching from it.”
Michael Borgstrom, San Diego State University

“I find myself taken aback by, and quite thrilled with, the way The Broadview Anthology of American Literature embodies the problematic possibilities of the canon.… Let us read and re-read [it] … for all the problems and possibilities it so brilliantly offers us.”
David Kazanjian, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of Pennsylvania

“I’m very excited to teach from this new anthology!”
Megan Walsh, St. Bonaventure University

The Broadview Anthology of American Literature is an instructor’s dream for introducing students to the diversity and complexity of American literature. … This anthology is definitely a game changer in the study of American literature. I love it!”
Venetria K. Patton, Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Professor of English and African American Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The full table of contents is available as a PDF. Please note that this version of the table of contents has not yet been proofread.


Derrick Spires, Cornell University
Christina Roberts, Seattle University
Joe Rezek, Boston University
Justine Murison, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Laura Mielke, University of Kansas
Christopher Looby, UCLA
Rodrigo Lazo, UC Irvine
Alisha Knight, Washington College
Hsuan Hsu, UC Davis
Rachel Greenwald Smith, Saint Louis University
Michael Everton, Simon Fraser University
Christine Bold, University of Guelph

Features of The Broadview Anthology of American Literature

  • • Strong foundation in current scholarship, including particular attention to issues of race, gender, class, and sexual orientation.
  • • Illuminating contextual materials provided for key authors and works.
  • • Large trim-size, two-column format, allowing for side-by-side presentation of different versions of certain texts. (Several of Dickinson’s poems are presented in this way, as is the Declaration of Independence; several Spanish-language selections are presented in facing-column translation.)
  • • More visual and print-cultural materials than competing anthologies.
  • • More extensive and more helpful annotations than in competing anthologies.
  • • Comprehensive introductions to periods, including a wide range of historical as well as literary information.
  • • Full author introductions, providing not only biographical details and essential background, but also information on textual history, reception history, and the social impact of particular authors and works.
  • • Close attention paid to links between the United States and the rest of the Americas, especially Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • • Can be packaged with any of Broadview’s standalone editions for $5 per edition.
  • • Custom text options available (see “Custom” tab)

Features of Concise Volume 1: Beginnings to Reconstruction

  • • Major works presented in full include Mary Rowlandson’s captivity narrative; Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave; and Melville’s Benito Cereno.
  • • Full author sections in the bound book are devoted to often-underrepresented figures such as Anne Hutchinson, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Briton Hammon, Lucy Terry, Sagoyewatha (Red Jacket), Tecumseh, George Moses Horton, Jane Johnston Schoolcraft (Bamewawagezhikaquay), José María Heredia, Mà-ka-tai-me-she-kià-kiàk (Black Hawk), Sojourner Truth, and David Walker.
  • • Frequently anthologized authors are looked at with fresh eyes. Selections include excerpts from Bradstreet’s Meditations, Divine and Moral; Franklin’s “On the Slave Trade” and his drinking song “Fair Venus Calls, Her Voice Obey”; Irving’s “The Wife”; Sedgwick’s “Cacoethes Scribendi”; excerpts from Longfellow’s The Song of Hiawatha; excerpts from Thoreau’s A Yankee in Canada; Whitman’s “Song of the Redwood Tree”; and excerpts from Melville’s The Confidence Man and the full text of his Encantadas.
  • • A wide range of additional authors, works, and contextual materials is provided as part of the anthology’s online component. Selections feature topics such as “Gender and Sexuality” and the reception of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Online author entries are accorded to such writers as Thomas Morton, Sarah Kemble Knight, Venture Smith, Royall Tyler, Mary Jemison, Catharine Maria Sedgwick, John Greenleaf Whittier, Margaret Sweat, and John Rollin Ridge.
  • • The volume’s chronology extends through the Reconstruction era, reflecting increasing scholarly emphasis on the ongoing legacy of slavery after the end of the Civil War. (Reconstruction material will also be included in Concise anthology’s second half.)

The Broadview Anthology of American Literature Online

The anthology’s website includes well over a thousand pages of additional readings and contextual materials. These are not “add-ons” meant to be accorded a subsidiary status, but an integral part of the anthology itself, presented in the same format, and edited and annotated according to the same principles as the material included in the bound book volumes.

Though our research has suggested that most of these online authors and works are likely to be taught somewhat less frequently than those in the bound book volumes, we expect that a majority of instructors will wish to teach at least some of the selections that are to be found on the website. Our aim is to provide instructors with the widest possible range of materials to choose from, prepared to a high editorial standard, and accompanied by the widest possible range of contextual materials.

In addition to the wealth of additional readings outlined above, the anthology’s website includes a range of companion materials. Included are audio materials, an introduction to poetry analysis, and a list of contents by theme and author background.

A website access code is included with all new copies of the anthology.

Instructor’s Guide

Located on a separate site, the Broadview Anthology of American Literature Instructor’s Guide is intended to provide support and inspiration for all instructors, from those teaching American literature for the first time to very experienced instructors looking to reinvigorate their courses. Site contents include the following:

  • Approaches to Teaching specific authors and “Contexts” sections, with an emphasis on the most commonly taught authors as well as a selection of less-canonical authors
  • Sample Syllabi offering examples of courses using The Broadview Anthology of American Literature
  • • Lists of the Contents by Theme to aid in course planning
  • • A very brief guide to Using The Broadview Anthology of American Literature, offering practical information about the companion site, eBooks, and custom texts

For an Instructor’s Guide access code, please contact your Broadview Representative or write to

Any of Broadview’s editions can be packaged with an anthology volume at an additional cost of only $5 to the student! Broadview’s American literature list now includes more than 80 titles, edited by a distinguished list of academics (among them Janet Beer, Celeste-Marie Bernier, Mary Chapman, Russ Castronovo, Michael Colacurcio, Michael Drexler, Gregory Eiselein, Hsuan Hsu, Koritha Mitchell, James Nagel, Michael Nowlin, Siân Silyn Roberts, and Brian Yothers); a complete list of available editions can be found here.

Broadview is happy to create a custom text including only your preferred readings, chosen from the bound book and website components of the anthology; you may also in most cases include works from other Broadview anthologies and editions. We offer an easy and intuitive Custom Text Builder, and our Custom Text Administrator welcomes inquiries.