Philosophical Methods and Writing

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    For the Sake of Argument

    Academic philosophy can be puzzling to newcomers. The conventions, terms, and expectations entrenched among philosophers aren’t always clear from the outside. Why are philosophers so…

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    Is That a Fact? – Second Edition

    How much should we trust the polls on the latest electoral campaign? When a physician tells us that a diagnosis of cancer is 90% certain…

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    The Theory and Practice of Experimental Philosophy

    In recent years, developments in experimental philosophy have led many thinkers to reconsider their central assumptions and methods. It is not enough to speculate and…

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    Arguing with People

    Arguing with People brings developments from the field of Argumentation Theory to bear on critical thinking in a clear and accessible way. This book expands…

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    An Introduction to Philosophical Methods

    An Introduction to Philosophical Methods is the first book to survey the various methods that philosophers use to support their views. Rigorous yet accessible, the…

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    More Precisely

    More Precisely provides a rigorous and engaging introduction to the mathematics necessary to do philosophy. It is impossible to fully understand much of the most…