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“The Broadview series is not just great for teaching; it also has changed the way we do scholarship.” — Suzanne Daly, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

“ … a series in which the editing is something of an art form.” — Washington Post

“[My students] found the historical and explanatory notes extremely valuable, saying the notes greatly enhanced their understanding of the texts. … I [also] found all of these materials to be extremely helpful as an educator. Because of them, I was able to point students to crucial historical and biographical information without burdening them with excessive extra reading or presenting long lectures. I never had any doubt that Broadview was the right choice, but you’ve exceeded our expectations.”— Madeline B. Ganges, University of Scranton

“Broadview’s editions are wonderfully affordable and feature a wealth of secondary sources, reception history, and criticism in their apparatus, making them extremely valuable and relevant for teaching and research” — Deborah A. Logan, Victorians: A Journal of Culture and Literature

In addition to the work itself, each edition includes an introduction, explanatory notes, chronology, bibliography, and various appendices; the series has been particularly acclaimed for the inclusion in each volume of a wide range of background contextual materials contemporaneous with the work. Broadview Editions are newly typeset, and each volume is produced on high-quality paper in trade format.

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Ancient, Medieval, & Renaissance Literature
Restoration & 18th-Century Literature
Romantic Literature
Victorian Literature
Twentieth-Century Literature
American Literature
Canadian Literature
World Literature and Works in Translation

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