Publisher’s Representatives

Broadview’s titles are represented by a team of non-commissioned, in-house staff. All of us have studied in the humanities and offer an intimate familiarity both with Broadview books and with the university and college courses that make use of them. We take pride in being well-researched about the sorts of courses you teach and we do our best to tailor our communications accordingly, whether in person or through email. At heart, each of us is a fellow reader with a passion for books. We are very aware of the many competing demands on your time, and we keep this understanding in the forefront of our efforts to help.

Don’t know who your Publisher’s Representative is? Email with your school name and state/province for more information.

Dave Caulfield [Email]
Jillian Crocker [Email]
Ashley Cyr [Email]
Archie Fields [Email]
Christine Handley [Email]
Stephen Latta [Email]
Don LePan [Email]
Jennifer McCue [Email]
Brett McLenithan [Email]
Erich Mulhall [Email]

Examination and Review Copies

Academics teaching relevant courses may request examination copies of titles to consider for text adoption. Help us save trees and time (and help keep costs down for students!) by requesting an electronic examination copy. After you’ve had an initial look at the electronic copy we will be happy to provide a bound copy if the text looks like it might be a good fit for your course.