Broadview Press is pleased to offer the majority of our titles for sale as eBooks through Google Play, as well as through campus bookstore platforms such as RedShelfVitalSourceCampus eBookstore, and Perusall. For individual purchases, we strongly recommend Google Play due to its ease of use.

You can sample the content and format of any of our eBooks using the Google Play app. The majority of our titles on Google Play include access to both the original page layout (equivalent to a PDF) and flowing text layout (equivalent to an EPUB). A few especially long titles, or those with complicated formatting, are only available in original layout. If you have questions about Broadview eBooks or digital adoptions, please email us at ebooks@broadviewpress.com.

Information for Instructors

If you are interested in adopting a Broadview eBook through your campus bookstore, please consult with the bookstore staff to determine the best method for doing so. In almost all cases, Broadview Press can make eBooks available through the bookstore’s preferred platform.

If you are considering an Inclusive Access adoption for your course, you may be able to arrange this through your campus bookstore on either the RedShelf or VitalSource platform. Please email us at ebooks@broadviewpress.com if you have questions about Inclusive Access adoptions.

Students can also purchase eBooks directly through the Google Play store. Individual eBook listings can be located by searching the Google Play store or by following the “Get it on Google Play” links provided on the Broadview website.


Broadview eBooks are most commonly available in two formats: PDF and EPUB. While PDF eBooks retain the exact layout of the print versions, EPUB eBooks are designed to reflow text so that it fits the screen of the user’s preferred device. Either format will work on most devices, and each has its own advantages (see below). If it’s crucial that your students be able to reference the same page or flip quickly to a specific passage, we recommend that you assign the PDF version.

When purchased through Google Play, the majority of our titles include both “original page” layout (equivalent to PDF) and “flowing text” layout (equivalent to EPUB). This setting can be toggled under “TT display options” within the Google Play app. A few books with especially long or complicated formatting are only available in the “original page” layout.

On other platforms, Broadview’s titles, like those from most publishers, are usually available in only one format or the other, with the majority offered as EPUB. If you prefer that your students purchase a specific format (PDF or EPUB) and that format is not currently offered on your preferred eBook platform, please email us at ebooks@broadviewpress.com. We will do our best to make the desired format available.


EPUB format:

  • Reflowable text: easier to read on mobile devices and e-readers because it will adjust to the size of your screen
  • Also compatible with desktops and laptops (Mac or PC)
  • Includes more interactive features, including dictionaries, linked footnotes, and hyperlinks to live web sources

PDF format:

  • PDF files retain the page numbers of the print text
  • Fixed layout similar to the print book (keeps the specific print formatting—this can be useful for titles with complex formatting [facing-page editions, drama, logic texts, some poetry titles])
  • Text is not reflowable, so this format is best for reading on larger screens such as those found on desktops/laptops.

To help visualize the difference between these formats, please see the same selection viewed in both below:

Duration and Rentals

All Broadview eBooks are available for purchase on a perpetual license that will allow access so long as the eBook vendor permits. Unless otherwise specified, this means that you can continue to use a Broadview eBook indefinitely.

Some of our eBook vendors also provide rental options, through which temporary access can be purchased at a lower rate. RedShelf and Vital Source, for example, offer 180 day digital rental options at a discounted price.

Inclusive Access Adoptions

Broadview offers Inclusive Access (First Day) adoptions through a variety of vendors, including VitalSource, RedShelf, and Perusall. Adoptions of this sort are designed to provide students with access to all of their digital course materials on or before the first day of class. Please contact your campus bookstore if you are interested in assigning a Broadview title through an inclusive access program, or write to us at ebooks@broadviewpress.com if you have any questions.

Please note that in almost all cases, prices for Inclusive Access adoptions are determined through existing agreements between the vendors mentioned above and your bookstore.

Publication Timing

Please note that the availability of eBooks relative to print publication can vary considerably across platforms. Titles are typically available in PDF format on Google Play several weeks before the publication of the print book; eBooks on other platforms—particularly those associated with campus bookstores—are often not available until the publication of the print book or shortly after. This delay is a result of the time required to convert that PDF file into a reflowable format. Please see above for descriptions of these formats.

If you have a particular concern about eBook availability or timing, please contact ebooks@broadviewpress.com.

Broadview Enhanced

Broadview offers a range of courseware packages built around some of our most popular titles. With Broadview Enhanced, you get your eBook, auto-grading quizzes, and additional digital learning apparatus in a single package, integrated directly into your institution’s Learning Management System.

Broadview Enhanced courseware packages are highly customizable, and are ideal for Inclusive Access and other First Day programs.

Broadview Press acknowledges the financial support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation which has helped make possible our offering of ebooks.