Broadview Enhanced

  • A NEW range of Broadview courseware packages, built around some of our most popular titles
  • Get your eBook, auto-grading quizzes, and additional digital learning apparatus in a single package, integrated directly into your institution’s Learning Management System
  • Use our highly customizable quiz, assignment, and course building options to create the perfect online learning environment
  • Ideal for Inclusive Access and other First Day programs
  • If you are interested in adopting a Broadview Enhanced package, or you just want to learn more about the platform, please write to

Available Titles

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Landing Page

From the Broadview Enhanced landing page, students can read the full eBook of their text in the first module and access all supplemental materials from the subsequent modules. Modules vary by book and can be added or removed based on instructor preference.


Quizzes listed by chapter
Instructors can adjust quiz due dates, can add time limits for the quizzes, and can allow students a certain number of attempts to complete a quiz.

Setting and Grading Assignments

Activity Settings Portal
Gradebook Portal

Course Analytics

The “Insights” tab gives professors a snapshot of how their class is performing. Emails can be sent to students by category: struggling (students who are completing the material but whose average scores are under 70%); disengaged (students who have not been logging into the LMS course and completing the material), or on track (students who have been completing the material with an average score of over 70%).

Insights also lets professors compare average scores as they move through the course to gauge how students grapple with new and more difficult material.