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    Philosophical Problems

    Peter Alward’s rigorous introductory text functions as a roadmap for students, laying out the key issues, positions, and arguments of academic philosophy. The book covers…

  • rethinking-wilderness
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    Rethinking Wilderness

    The concept and values of wilderness, along with the practice of wilderness preservation, have been under attack for the past several decades. In Rethinking Wilderness,…

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    Formal Logic

    Formal Logic is an undergraduate text suitable for introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses in symbolic logic. The book’s nine chapters offer thorough coverage of truth-functional…

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    Readings in the Philosophy of Law – Third Edition

    Readings in the Philosophy of Law brings together central texts on such topics as legal reasoning, the limits of individual liberty, responsibility and punishment, and…

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    Readings in the Philosophy of Religion – Third Edition

    This anthology contains the best of both classical and contemporary sources, offering a balanced historical approach to the philosophy of religion while reflecting the latest…

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    Bioethics: Legal and Clinical Case Studies

    Bioethics: Legal and Clinical Case Studies is a case-based introduction to ethical issues in health care. Through seventy-eight compelling scenarios, the authors demonstrate the practical…

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    How to Be Good with Words

    In recent decades, the contested areas of English usage have grown both larger and more numerous. English speakers argue about whether we should say man…

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    Business in Ethical Focus: An Anthology – Second Edition

    Business in Ethical Focus is a compilation of classical and contemporary essays and case studies in business ethics. Readers will become acquainted with seminal ideas…

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    Being Ethical: Classic and New Voices on Contemporary Issues

    This anthology takes a broad approach to ethics, incorporating traditional topics and texts while bringing in voices and themes that are too often excluded. A…

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    Ethical Issues in Business – Second Edition

    Peg Tittle’s ambitious business ethics text brings together readings, cases, and the author’s own informed opinions. The second edition includes over a dozen new readings…

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    An Introduction to Logic

    In lively and readable prose, Arthur presents a new approach to the study of logic, one that seeks to integrate methods of argument analysis developed…

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    For the Sake of Argument

    Academic philosophy can be puzzling to newcomers. The conventions, terms, and expectations entrenched among philosophers aren’t always clear from the outside. Why are philosophers so…

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    Civil Disobedience

    In 1848, Henry David Thoreau twice delivered lectures in Concord, Massachusetts, on “the relationship of the individual to the state.” The essay now known as…

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    Bioethics in Context

    In Bioethics in Context, Gary Jones and Joseph DeMarco connect ethical theory, medicine, and the law, guiding readers toward a practical and legally grounded understanding…

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    Introducing Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality

    This book introduces the central issues of metaphysics and epistemology, from skepticism, justification, and perception to universals, personal identity, and free will. Though topically organized,…

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    Utilitarianism – ed. Andrew Bailey

    Utilitarianism is a classic work of ethical theory, arguably the most persuasive and comprehensible presentation of this widely influential position. While he didn’t invent utilitarianism,…

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    Beyond the Binary: Thinking about Sex and Gender

    How many sexes are there? What is the relationship between sex and gender? Is gender a product of nature, or nurture, or both? In Beyond…

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    The Apology and Related Dialogues

    Socrates, one of the first of the great philosophers, left no written works. What survives of his thought are second-hand descriptions of his teachings and…

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    Oppositions and Paradoxes

    Since antiquity, opposed concepts such as the One and the Many, the Finite and the Infinite, and the Absolute and the Relative, have been a…

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    The Description of a New World, Called the Blazing World

    First published in 1666, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle’s Description of a New World, Called the Blazing World is the first fictional portrayal of women…

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    Is That a Fact? – Second Edition

    How much should we trust the polls on the latest electoral campaign? When a physician tells us that a diagnosis of cancer is 90% certain…

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    Racial Realities and Post-Racial Dreams

    Silver medalist for the IPPY award for Current Events in 2016! Racial Realities and Post-Racial Dreams is a moral call, a harkening and quickening of…

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    Civilization and Its Discontents

    In Civilization and Its Discontents Freud extends and clarifies his analysis of religion; analyzes human unhappiness in contemporary civilization; ratifies the critical importance of the…

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    The Metamorphosis and Other Stories

    A man awakens to find himself transformed into a giant vermin; a performer starves himself to death as a circus attraction; a fiendish engine of…