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  • Discourse (not final)
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    Discourse on Method

    Fully named Discourse on the Method for Reasoning Well and for Seeking Truth in the Sciences, this work offers the most complete presentation and defense…

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    Introducing Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality

    This book introduces the central issues of metaphysics and epistemology, from skepticism, justification, and perception to universals, personal identity, and free will. Though topically organized,…

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    Essays and Treatises on Philosophical Subjects

    This is the first edition in over a century to present David Hume’s Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, Dissertation on the Passions, Enquiry Concerning the Principles…

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    Meditations on First Philosophy

    Considered a foundational text in modern philosophy, the Meditations on First Philosophy presents numerous powerful arguments that to this day influence debates in epistemology, the…

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    Discourse on Metaphysics and Other Writings

    This is an edition of what are arguably Leibniz’s three most important presentations of his metaphysical system: the Discourse on Metaphysics, from 1686, and The…

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    What Should I Believe?

    This book is unique in its treatment of critical thinking not as a body of knowledge but instead as a subject for critical reflection. The…

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    An Introduction to Epistemology – Second Edition

    The second edition of Jack Crumley’s An Introduction to Epistemology strikes a balance between the many issues that engage contemporary epistemologists and the contributions of…

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    Knowledge and Inquiry

    This anthology focuses on three areas in the theory of knowledge: epistemic justification; analyses of knowledge and scepticism; and recent developments in epistemology. Each of…