Introduction to Formal Logic

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    Formal Logic

    Formal Logic is an undergraduate text suitable for introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses in symbolic logic. The book’s nine chapters offer thorough coverage of truth-functional…

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    An Introduction to Logic

    In lively and readable prose, Arthur presents a new approach to the study of logic, one that seeks to integrate methods of argument analysis developed…

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    The Logic of Our Language

    The Logic of Our Language teaches the practical and everyday application of formal logic. Rather than overwhelming the reader with abstract theory, Jackson and McLeod…

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    An Introduction to Logical Theory

    This book reclaims logic as a branch of philosophy, offering a self-contained and complete introduction to the three traditional systems of classical logic (term, sentence,…

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    Essentials of Symbolic Logic – Third Edition

    The third edition of Essentials of Symbolic Logic is a concise and clearly written introduction to the topic. Based on years of use in colleges…

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    Proof and Consequence

    Proof and Consequence is a rigorous, elegant introduction to classical first-order natural deductive logic; it provides an accurate and accessible first course in the study…

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    Introducing Symbolic Logic

    This accessible, SHORT introduction to symbolic logic includes coverage of sentential and predicate logic, translations, truth tables, and derivations. The author’s engaging style makes this…

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    Deductive Logic in Natural Language

    This text offers an innovative approach to the teaching of logic, which is rigorous but entirely non-symbolic. By introducing students to deductive inferences in natural…