A Note On Prices

We at Broadview believe in transparent pricing, and we also understand the importance of keeping prices affordable for students. Throughout our catalogue we use list prices, which are roughly what you can expect your students to pay for new copies of our titles. As is the standard practice in the publishing industry, we sell to bookstores at a discount, and they typically mark the books back up to our list price and use the difference to cover their overheads.

Broadview is pleased to offer discounted prices on book packages. Please contact your Broadview rep or customerservice@broadviewpress.com (705-743-8990) for information about packages.

One of the most commonly used packages is “4 for the price of 3”: buy any three editions and the fourth one will be added for free. We also offer the ability to bundle multiple volumes of The Broadview Anthology of British Literature (BABL) together at a reduced price. If you would like to use several Broadview titles for a course, but they do not fit into the most commonly used packages described on this page, please contact us to inquire about options for a reduced package price.