Bioethics: Legal and Clinical Case Studies
  • Publication Date: June 15, 2017
  • ISBN: 9781554813575 / 1554813573
  • 400 pages; 6½" x 9"
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Bioethics: Legal and Clinical Case Studies

  • Publication Date: June 15, 2017
  • ISBN: 9781554813575 / 1554813573
  • 400 pages; 6½" x 9"

This book focuses on American health care ethics and law; if you’re looking for a health care ethics text with a Canadian focus, you might want to consider Readings in Health Care Ethics 2e or Well and Good 4e.

Bioethics: Legal and Clinical Case Studies is a case-based introduction to ethical issues in health care. Through seventy-eight compelling scenarios, the authors demonstrate the practical importance of ethics, showing how the concerns at issue bear on the lives of patients, health care providers, and others. A range of central topics are covered, including informed consent, medical futility, reproductive ethics, privacy, cultural competence, and clinical trials. Each chapter includes a selection of important legal cases as well as clinical case studies for critical analysis. The case studies are often presented as moral dilemmas, and are conducive to rich discussion. A companion website offers a curated collection of relevant legal precedents as well as additional case studies and other resources.

Bioethics: Legal and Clinical Case Studies can be used on its own, or packaged with Bioethics in Context for a discounted price. Please contact for more information.


“This richly detailed collection of clinical and legal cases brings bioethics and jurisprudence to life. Readers will learn exactly how ethical and legal deliberation occurs in clinical environments. A multitude of realistic cases are followed by discussion questions. This book is ideal for bioethics professors and clinical instructors alike; the authors’ analyses are sophisticated, clear, concise, and accessible.” —Denise M. Dudzinski, Department of Bioethics & Humanities, University of Washington School of Medicine

Bioethics: Legal and Clinical Case Studies is an outstanding contribution to the academic literature. Joseph P. DeMarco and Gary E. Jones cover the most significant issues of contemporary bioethics in a way that is highly accessible to the beginning student while still preserving the depth and complexity of the issues. Cases have been carefully selected to effectively reinforce the main themes of each topic. The emphasis on both morality and law appropriately reveals the interconnectedness of bioethical issues to both spheres, a feat rarely accomplished in this field. Cheers to DeMarco and Jones for delivering such effective, high-quality pedagogical material at an affordable price.” —Samuel LiPuma, Cuyahoga Community College


  • Chapter 1: Moral Theory in Bioethics
    • Consequentialism and Deontology
      • Consequentialism
        Kantian Deontology
        Rule Theory
        Case Study: Dr. Mando
    • Alternative Approaches
      • Principlism
        Virtue Ethics
        Feminist Ethics and the Ethics of Care
    • Conclusion
  • Chapter 2: Informed Consent
    • Introduction
      Legal Cases
      • I. Canterbury v Spence
        II. Jandre v Bullis
        III. Gorab v Zook
    • Case Studies
      • IV. Emergency Room Deliberation after a Critical Monocycle Accident
        V. Protection for a “Decisionally Incapable” Patient
        VI. Patient Coerced into additional Physical Therapy
        VII. Unwanted Procedure during Surgery
        VIII. Elderly Man Denied Informed Consent
        IX. HIV Patient: Confidentiality Hampering Informed Consent
  • Chapter 3: Assessing Capacity
    • Introduction
      Legal Cases
      • I. Lane v. Candura
        II. Morinaga v See Vue
        lll. In Re Conservatorship of Pamela J.
    • Case Studies
      • IV. Decisional Capacity and Brain Surgery

        V. Dementia and Decisional Capacity
        VI. Capacity after a Motorcycle Accident
  • Chapter 4: Informed Refusal of Treatment
    • Introduction
      Legal Cases
      • I. Cruzan v Director
        II. Vacco and Washington
        III. Carter v Canada
    • Case Studies
      • IV. The Last Day of Her Life
        V. Family Conflict: To Treat or Not to Treat?
        VII. Family Supports a Child’s Rejection of Treatment
        VIII. Patient Fails to Show up for Treatment
        IX. Assisting Death
        X. Terminal Sedation: Is it Death?
  • Chapter 5: Medical Futility
    • Introduction
      Legal Cases
      • I. Futile Treatment of a Newborn?
        II. Physician’s Right to Withhold Treatment
    • Case Studies
      • III. Doctor Orders Aggressive Treatment, Nurse Objects
        IV. Appropriate CPR?
        V. Lake Erie Tragedy
        VI. Heart Failure, Excessive Weight, and CPR
        VII. Family Fights for Mr. Stoer’s Life
  • Chapter 6: Nursing Ethics
    • Introduction
      Legal Cases
      • I. Lunsford and Tuma cases
        II. Rogers and Mathias cases
        III. Monahan and Morvillo cases
        IV. Hoffman and Ross cases
    • Case Studies
      • V. Does the Nurse Know Better?
        VI. Potentially Violent Patient
        VII. Traditional Practice and Child Abuse
        VIII. Nurse Refuses to Administer Pain Medication
  • Chapter 7: Privacy and Confidentiality
    • Introduction
      Legal Cases
      • I. Tarasoff v Regents of the University of California
        II. Reisner and Jarmie cases
        III. Nasser v Parker
        IV. Horne v. Patton
        V. Samms v Pelican
    • Case Studies
      • VI. Disclosing HIV
        VII. Children Having Babies
        VIII. Betrayal by a Physician?
        IX. Dr. Dorchester’s Curiosity
        X. Student Kills his Classmate. Is his Psychologist at Fault?
  • Chapter 8: Cultural Competence
    • Introduction
      Legal Cases
      • I. Commonwealth v. Schaible
        II. Quintero v Encarnacion
        III. Quintanilla v Dunkelmen
    • Case Studies
      • IV. An Infant in a Persistent Vegetative State
        V. Elder Abuse?
        VI. An Amish Couple Refuses Treatment for their Infant Daughter
        VII. Newly Arrived Immigrant and Adherence to Treatment
        VIII. Three Wives
  • Chapter 9: Human Reproduction
    • Introduction
      Legal Cases
      • I. Roe and Casey
      • II. Becker v. Chessin
      • III. K.M. v E.G
      • IV. Szafranski v Dunston
    • Case Studies
      • I. Sterilization of a Developmentally Delayed Child
      • II. Doubts about Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
      • III. Human Cloning
      • IV. Abortion Advice
  • Chapter 10: Clinical Trials
    • Introduction
    • Legal Cases
      • I. Suthers, et al v Amgen, Inc.
      • II. Cacchillo v Insmed, Inc
    • Case Studies
      • I. Mr. Rosewald’s Decision
      • II. An Incidental Finding from a Brain Scan
      • III. Was it Morally Appropriate to Stop Cancer Trial?
      • IV. Dr. Rife’s Conflict of Interest
  • Chapter 11: Transplantation Ethics
    • Introduction
      Legal Cases
      • I. McFall v Shrimp
      • II. Strunk and Pescinski
      • III. Hart v Brown
    • Case Studies
    • I. Drug Dealer Wants a New Heart
    • II. Transplantation and Blood Products
    • III. Coerced Donation

Appendix: Basic Law

The American Legal System
Statutory Law
Executive Orders and Agencies
Constitutional Law
Criminal and Civil Law

Joseph P. DeMarco is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Cleveland State University.

Gary E. Jones is Professor of Philosophy at the University of San Diego and a member of the California Bar Association.

For Chapter Two: Informed Consent from Bioethics: Legal and Clinical Case Studies, click here. (Opens as PDF.)

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