Literature of the Suffrage Movement

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    Ann Veronica

    H.G. Wells’s 1909 novel centres on the coming of age of the spirited Ann Veronica, who runs away from her sheltered suburban home to live…

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    Three Guineas

    In Three Guineas, first published in June, 1938 (as the threat of war between Britain and Nazi Germany was looming larger day by day) Virginia…

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    Prisons and Prisoners

    Prisons and Prisoners is the autobiography of aristocratic suffragette Constance Lytton. In it, she details her militant actions in the struggle to gain the vote…

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    Suffragette Sally

    Published in 1911, Suffragette Sally is one of the best-known popular novels promoting the cause of women’s suffrage in Britain at the beginning of the…

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    Criminals, Idiots, Women, & Minors – Second Edition

    “Pardon me; I must seem to you so stupid! Why is the property of the woman who commits Murder, and the property of the woman…

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    Literature of the Women’s Suffrage Campaign in England

    During the British women’s suffrage campaign of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, women wrote plays to convert others to their cause; they wrote…