The Broadview Reader – Third Edition
  • Publication Date: February 16, 1998
  • ISBN: 9781551111148 / 1551111144
  • 750 pages; 6" x 9"

Availability: Canada Only

The Broadview Reader – Third Edition

  • Publication Date: February 16, 1998
  • ISBN: 9781551111148 / 1551111144
  • 750 pages; 6" x 9"

This new edition includes most of the essays that have made The Broadview Reader one of the most popular first-year textbooks in Canada, and adds 18 fresh selections. As before, essays are gathered into groups by topic, but the editors also provide alternative tables of contents by rhetorical patterns and devices, and by chronology. Each selection is followed by a wide range of questions and suggestions for discussions, and the reader also includes a glossary and biographical notes. Most of the new selections are of recent vintage, but in recognition of the degree to which “modern” issues often have a long and honourable history, the editors have also added several selections by nineteenth-century writers. Also, the reader now includes a full section on “Women in Society.” The book’s balance of Canadian and non-Canadian writers has been maintained, as has the range of different styles and different essay lengths that are included. In all, the new edition includes 80 selections.

Guide to Rhetorical Patterns and Devices
Chronological Table of Contents

Language and Communication

Woody Allen / Slang Origins
Russell Baker / Little Red Riding Hood Revisited
Richard Hoggart / The Case Against Advertising
Samuel Johnson / The Abuses of Advertising
George Orwell / Politics and the English Language

Literature and Audience

Sir Francis Bacon / Of Studies
Thomas De Quincey / The Literature of Knowledge and The Literature of Power
Northrop Frye / The Motive for Metaphor
Margaret Laurence / Where the World Began
Mordecai Richler / An Unquiet Awakening
Barbara Tuchman / The Historian’s Opportunity
Guy Vanderhaeghe / Influences
Virginia Woolf / How Should One Read a Book?

Film and the Media

Martin Amis / Blown Away
Kurt Andersen / The Origin of Alien Species
Bruno Bettelheim / The Art of Moving Pictures
Edward D. Castillo / Dances With Wolves: Review
Gertrude Himmelfarb / A Neo-Luddite Reflects on the Internet
Pauline Kael / New Age Daydreams [Dances With Wolves]
X.J. Kennedy / Who Killed King Kong?
Joseph Natoli / The Unforgiven: Histories and “Indians”
Rick Salutin / Loose Canons

Nature and Humankind

Rachel Carson / The Obligation to Endure
Loren Eiseley / The Bird and the Machine
Stephen Leacock / Roughing it in the Bush (My Plans for
Moose-Hunting in the Canadian Wilderness)
Farley Mowat / The Nature of the North
Mark Twain / A River Pilot Looks at the Mississippi
E.B. White / Death of a Pig
Edward O. Wilson / Storm Over the Amazon

Patterns of Social Behaviour

Gail Anderson-Dargatz / Errington, B.C.
Sir Francis Bacon / Of Marriage and Single Life
Hugh Brody / A Hearing
Daniel Francis / Re-hanging the National Wallpaper:
The Group of Seven and the Public Mind
J.H. Plumb / DeMortuis
Witold Rybczynski / Nostalgia
Garry Trudeau / To Our Valued Customers
George Woodcock / The Tyranny of the Clock

Politics and Morality

Joseph Addison / On Party-lying
Margaret Atwood / The Writer’s Responsibility
George Orwell / Shooting an Elephant
Mike Royko / Another Accolade for Charter Arms Corp.
Alan Sillitoe / Sport and Nationalism
Jonathan Swift / A Modest Proposal
Henry David Thoreau / Civil Disobedience

Society and the Individual

Ken Dryden / The Game
E.M. Forster / My Wood
Patricia Highsmith / Child’s Play 4?
Russell Hoban / Thoughts on a Shirtless Cyclist, Robin
Hood and One or Two Other Things
Edith Iglauer / Bella Coola
Hugh MacLennan / The Shadow of Captain Bligh
Jan Morris / St John’s
Wallace Stegner / Specifications for a Hero

Women in Society

Regina Barreca / How Many Feminists Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?
Moira Fair / Dangerous Determination
Janet Flanner / Murder Among the Lovebirds
Alison Lurie / Women’s Clothes — Towards Emancipation
Noretta Koertge / Are Feminists Alienating Women from the Sciences?
Gloria Steinem / Marilyn Monroe: The Woman Who Died Too Soon
Helen Taylor / Women and Criticism
Margaret Visser / Feeding, Feasts and Females

Ethnicity and Culture

Neil Bissoondath / I Am Canadian
Susan Crean / Taking the Missionary Position
Kildare Dobbs / Matata
Fil Fraser / Black Like Me
Carole Giangrande / Allowing the Mind to Wander
Basil H. Johnston / Is That All There Is? Tribal Literature
Lenore Keeshig-Tobias / Stop Stealing Native Stories
Amy Tan / In the Canon, For All the Wrong Reasons
Martin Walker / Westward Oh!
Christine Welsh / Women in the Shadows: Reclaiming a Metis Heritage

The World of Science

Geoffrey Bibby / The Body in the Bog
Jacob Bronowski / The Real Responsibilities of the Scientist
David H. Freedman / The Aggressive Egg
Stephen Jay Gould / Posture Maketh the Man
J.B.S. Haldane / Some Enemies of Science
Jay Ingram / The Cathedral Square
Richard Selzer / The Discus Thrower
David Suzuki / The Pain of Animals
Lewis Thomas / Humanities and Science
James Trefil / Unexpected Vistas

Notes on the Authors
Index of Authors and Titles

Herbert Rosengarten is a Professor in the English Department at the University of British Columbia.

Jane Flick, a Professor in the same department, is also the author (with Celia Millward) of A Handbook for Writers.