Moral Issues in Global Perspective – Volume 1: Moral and Political Theory – Second Edition
  • Publication Date: March 2, 2006
  • ISBN: 9781551117478 / 1551117479
  • 376 pages; 7" x 9"

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Moral Issues in Global Perspective – Volume 1: Moral and Political Theory – Second Edition

  • Publication Date: March 2, 2006
  • ISBN: 9781551117478 / 1551117479
  • 376 pages; 7" x 9"

Now available in three thematic volumes, the second edition of Moral Issues in Global Perspective is a collection of the newest and best articles on current moral issues by moral and political theorists from around the globe. Each volume seeks to challenge the standard approaches to morality and moral issues shaped by Western liberal theory and to extend the inquiry beyond the context of North America. Covering a broad range of issues and arguments, this collection includes critiques of traditional liberal accounts of rights, justice, and moral values, while raising questions about the treatment of disadvantaged groups within and across societies affected by globalization. Providing new perspectives on issues such as war and terrorism, reproduction, euthanasia, censorship, and the environment, each volume of Moral Issues in Global Perspective incorporates work by race, class, feminist, and disability theorists.

Moral and Political Theory, the first of the three volumes, surveys a number of traditional Western liberal approaches to moral theory, human rights, justice, and democracy, as well as contemporary critiques of these approaches. With nineteen new essays, three of which were written especially for this edition, this volume covers the necessary theories for understanding moral issues in a global context.

Moral Issues in Global Perspective is available in three separate volumes—Moral and Political Theory, Human Diversity and Equality, and Moral Issues.


“The great ethical challenge of this century will be how we should live our lives in a global context. This intelligent and broad-ranging collection provides its readers with a rich introduction to a wide range of perspectives about how we might live together as global citizens. There is something here to unsettle everyone’s views about the great questions of the day. These volumes provide no simple answers, but they provoke all of us to reconceive our ethical commitments.” — Joan Tronto, Hunter College

Moral Issues in Global Perspective transforms the landscape for the study of ethics by challenging readers to connect the reality of globalization with the theory and practice of ethics. Volume I serves as a timely resource, combining high-caliber, challenging new articles with must-read classics. Koggel’s collection is sure to be a leader among the new generation of books in moral, social, and political philosophy.” — Sally Scholz, Villanova University



  • Introduction
  • Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals
    • Immanuel Kant
  • Utilitarianism
    • John Stuart Mill
  • Ethics: The We and the I
    • V.F. Cordova
  • What does the Different Voice Say? Gilligan’s Women and Moral Philosophy
    • Margaret Urban Walker
  • Changing Moral Values in Africa: An Essay in Ethical Relativism
    • Egbeke Aja
  • Study Questions
  • Suggested Readings


  • Introduction
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    • United Nations
  • Human Rights: A Western Construct with Limited Applicability
    • Adamantia Pollis and Peter Schwab
  • Globalization and Human Rights
    • Jay Drydyk
  • A Buddhist Response to the Nature of Human Rights
    • Kenneth K. Inada
  • Reconceiving Rights as Relationship
    • Jennifer Nedelsky
  • Study Questions
  • Suggested Readings


  • A Theory of Justice
    • John Rawls
  • Libertarianism, Insurance Arguments, and General State Welfare
    • Richard A. Garner
  • Care and Justice in the Global Context
    • Virginia Held
  • Confucianism, Globalisation and the Idea of Universalism
    • A.T. Nuyen
  • Women, Citizenship and Difference
    • Nira Yuval-Davis
  • Study Questions
  • Suggested Readings


  • Introduction
  • Democracy, Philosophy, and Justification
    • Amy Gutmann
  • Confucian Value and Democratic Value
    • Chenyang Li
  • In Search of Islamic Constitutionalism
    • Nadirsyah Hosen
  • Democracy and Its Global Roots: Why Democratization is not the same as Westernization
    • Amartya Sen
  • The Influence of the Global Order on the Prospects for Genuine Democracy in the Developing Countries
    • Thomas W. Pogge
  • Study Questions
  • Suggested Readings


  • Introduction
  • A Dialogue of the Deaf? New International Attitudes and the Death Penalty in America
    • Stefanie Grant
  • Child Labor and Global Inequality: Responsibilities and Policies
    • Roland Pierik
  • Reparations and Justice: The Case of Colonialism
    • Kok-Chor Tan
  • Justice for South Africa: Restorative Justice and the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission
    • Jennifer Llewellyn
  • Freedom and Democracy in Cuba: A Problem of Understanding
    • Susan E. Babbitt
  • Study Questions
  • Suggested Readings


  • The Triumph of Just War Theory (and the Dangers of Success)
    • Michael Walzer
  • The Slippery Slope to Preventive War
    • Neta C. Crawford
  • A Requiem for Voicelessness: Pakistanis and Muslims in the US
    • Asma Barlas
  • Counter-Oppressive Terrorism
    • Frank Cunningham
  • Development and the “Global War on Terror”
    • Antonio Tujan, Audrey Gaughran, and Howard Mollett
  • Study Questions
  • Suggested Readings


Christine Koggel is a professor of philosophy at Bryn Mawr College. She is also the author of Perspectives on Equality: Constructing a Relational Theory (Rowman & Littlefield) and co-editor of Confidential Relationships: Psychoanalytic, Ethical and Legal Perspectives (Rodopi Press).