Lord Jim
  • Publication Date: November 7, 2000
  • ISBN: 9781551111728 / 1551111721
  • 455 pages; 5½" x 8½"

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Lord Jim

  • Publication Date: November 7, 2000
  • ISBN: 9781551111728 / 1551111721
  • 455 pages; 5½" x 8½"

One of Joseph Conrad’s greatest novels, Lord Jim brilliantly combines adventure and analysis. Haunted by the memory of a moment of lost nerve during a disastrous voyage, Jim submits to condemnation by a Court of Inquiry. In the wake of his disgrace he travels to the exotic region of Patusan, and as the agent at this remote trading post comes to be revered as ‘Tuan Jim.’ Here he finds a measure of serenity and respect within himself. However, when a gang of thieves arrives on the island, the memory of his earlier disgrace comes again to the fore, and his relationship with the people of the island is jeopardized.

This new Broadview edition is based on the first British edition of 1900, which provides the historical basis for the accompanying critical and contextual discussions. The appendices include a wide variety of Conrad’s source material, documents concerning the scandal of the Jeddah, along with other materials such as a substantial selection of early critical comments.


“One always learns from Cedric Watts. True to form, he provides a reliable text, cogent annotations, and a stimulating, eminently readable introduction to this enigmatic novel. Better still, the selections illustrating Conrad’s sources, his reception by contemporaries, and the historical context of his ambivalence about colonialism are rich yet frequently unfamiliar. Is there room for yet another Lord Jim? In the case of Broadview’s excellent new edition, the answer is emphatically yes.” — Laurence Davies, Dartmouth College

“Professor Watts’s assiduity and thoroughness make this edition of Lord Jim a delight. The edition is meticulous and informed in its comments on the novel, scrupulously but unobtrusively annotated, and offers a judicious selection of supporting material. In short, this edition of the novel sets the standard for its successors to follow.” — Allan Simmons, General Editor of The Conradian

A Note on the Text and on Editorial Procedures
Joseph Conrad: A Brief Chronology
Chronology of Events in Lord Jim

Lord Jim

Appendix A: Conrad’s “Author’s Note” (1917)
Appendix B: Comments by Conrad
Appendix C: Contemporaneous Reviews
Appendix D: Sources and Contexts (1): James Brooke,
the “White Rajah” of Sarawak
Appendix E: Sources and Contexts (2): The Jeddah Scandal
Appendix F: Sources and Contexts (3): McNair’s
Perak and the Malays
Appendix G: Sources and Contexts (4): Wallace, Stein,
and Doramin
Appendix H: Sources and Contexts (5): The Douro, the
Cutty Sark, and the Rev. William Hazlitt
Appendix I: Comments on Imperialism and Colonialism

Select Bibliography

Cedric Watts is a professor in the English Department at the University of Sussex, and the internationally-renowned author of numerous critical and scholarly books, including Joseph Conrad: A Literary Life and A Preface to Conrad. He has also edited Jude the Obscure for the Broadview Literary Texts series.