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    For the Sake of Argument

    Academic philosophy can be puzzling to newcomers. The conventions, terms, and expectations entrenched among philosophers aren’t always clear from the outside. Why are philosophers so…

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    There Are Two Errors in the the Title of This Book, Revised and Expanded (Again)

    As this book richly and entertainingly demonstrates, philosophy is as much the search for the right questions as it is the search for the right…

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    Philosophical Conversations

    Philosophical Conversations is a light, informal, and contemporary introduction to the study of philosophy. Using a dialogue format, Robert M. Martin delves into the traditional…

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    The Philosopher’s Dictionary – Third Edition

    The central aim of The Philosopher’s Dictionary is to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date guide of philosophical terms. Definitions are brief, clear, and user-friendly. Notes…

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    Introducing Symbolic Logic

    This accessible, SHORT introduction to symbolic logic includes coverage of sentential and predicate logic, translations, truth tables, and derivations. The author’s engaging style makes this…

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    Scientific Thinking

    Scientific Thinking is a practical guide to inductive reasoning—the sort of reasoning that is commonly used in scientific activity, whether such activity is performed by…