Morality of War Podcast with Brian Orend

Brian Orend’s The Morality of War is one of the most widely-read and influential books ever written on the topic. Earlier this year, Orend was a guest on the Smart People Podcast where he discussed the second edition of The Morality of War (now available!), as well as the larger ethical issues surrounding war, peace,…

Does examining literature wreck literature?

In this excerpt from the introduction to our newly published anthology, The Broadview Introduction to Literature, general editor Neta Gordon addresses the age-old question: Does delving deeper into the structure, meaning, and purpose of a literary work only serve to destroy the value of that work?

Interview with H.E. Baber on Globalization


In anticipation of the publication of Globalization and International Development, we spoke with co-editor (along with Denise Dimon) H.E. Baber to get her thoughts on the ethical and economic issues surrounding globalization and the ways in which this new anthology brings those issues to light.

On the Writing of Writing about Literature 2/e

“I wish our clever young poets would remember my homely definitions of prose and poetry; that is prose, words in their best order; poetry, the best words in the best order.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge Writing about Literature 2/e was written because literature and writing instructors were asking for a chapter on poetry to complement…

Recent reviews: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu & George MacDonald editions

A lovely review of Roderick McGillis and John Pennington’s edition of George MacDonald’s At the Back of the North Wind recently appeared in VII: An Anglo-American Literary Review. Daniel Gabelman writes: “In addition to the text of At the Back of the North Wind and the seventy-six original illustrations by Arthur Hughes, the Broadview edition…

Secret Commissions reviewed in Victorian Periodicals Review


Stephen Donovan and Matthew Rubery’s unique anthology of Victorian investigative journalism, Secret Commissions, was recently reviewed by Ann M. Hale (University of St. Thomas) in the Spring 2013 issue of the Victorian Periodicals Review. Hale writes: “A key strength of Secret Commissions is that the content resonates with a range of disciplines, from media studies…

I want to tell you a story

The newly published third edition of The Broadview Anthology of Short Fiction is a unique collection of 45 stories, with more works from the past 20 years and a greater representation of American authors than previous editions. In her Preface to the anthology, editor Sara Levine—herself a celebrated fiction writer—comments on the ways in which…

Patricia Foster & Jeff Porter on The Lit Show


Co-editors Patricia Foster and Jeff Porter (University of Iowa, MFA Program in Nonfiction) recently sat down with Gemma de Choisy of The Lit Show to discuss their recently published anthology, Understanding the Essay. Give it a listen!

Our position on the revised Canadian Copyright Act

Recently the following letter was sent to the heads of major Canadian universities. It outlines our concerns about how recent changes to the Canadian Copyright Act are being interpreted by institutions of higher education.

Broadview Author Mark Schwartz Discusses CSR


Mark S. Schwartz, Associate Professor of Law, Governance, and Ethics at York University, sat down for an interview with the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies to discuss his research in business ethics and the publication of Corporate Social Responsibility: An Ethical Approach (Broadview Press, 2011).

Winter & Spring Conference Schedule

Broadview will be exhibiting at the following conferences this season. For those attending, be sure to stop by the book display to say hello!

Spring 2013 Publications


A new semester is upon us and with that comes yet another exciting list of new and forthcoming publications from Broadview. Here is a quick look at what you can expect to see coming off the presses this season:

ebooks on the Broadview website & other updates for the new year

Hello everyone, First, let me extend heartfelt thanks to the many, many academics who have been supportive over the past year of Broadview books and, more generally, of Broadview’s approach to publishing. It’s very much appreciated by all 26 of us at Broadview—and I’m sure by our authors as well! Second, let me give you…

Goodreads giveaway

We’re giving away books! Between now and December 14th, enter our Goodreads Giveaway to win one of five copies of Marvelous Transformations, our recently published anthology of fairy tales and contemporary criticism, edited by Christine A. Jones (University of Utah) and Jennifer Schacker (University of Guelph). For more information on Marvelous Transformations, please visit

Environmentalism in a Market Society

When it comes to the implementation of environmental laws and economic policies, political and ethical decisions are rarely made in isolation—often, they’re influenced by long-standing value systems and deeper metaphysical commitments. In Environmental Ethics: An Interactive Introduction, Andrew Kernohan outlines the connections between conflicting positions on environmental policy and the worldviews in which those positions…

“…a shuddering horror that will thrill throughout the world.”

Stephen Donovan and Matthew Rubery’s unique new anthology Secret Commissions, published September 2012, collects nineteen works of investigative journalism from the Victorian age. The articles capture the frequently stark and sinister social conditions of nineteenth-century Britain, and bring to life the sense of horror and frustration surrounding such controversial issues as poverty, prostitution, and infanticide.…

Visit the new and improved BABL website

Since the launch of our acclaimed Broadview Anthology of British Literature in 2006, we have been steadily expanding the anthology’s online resources, which feature not only a substantial portion of the anthology itself (additional readings that are edited to the same standards as the bound book) but also a variety of supplemental materials for both…

Information on the availability of books

Hello everyone I’m writing to warn you of a possible source of confusion that has recently arisen. At the moment many Broadview titles are listed on the and sites only as “available from these sellers,” or “temporarily out of stock,” often with only used copies listed as being available. I should emphasize that…

BEs are Special


There are many competing editions of most of the Broadview Editions (BEs) published by Broadview Press. Our main competitors are usually Penguin, Norton, Oxford, and Modern Library. It is crucial to the success of the BE series that we maintain not just a competitive price with these publishers (as we do) but also a distinctive…

Comparing Eastern & Western Philosophy

Puqun Li’s A Guide to Asian Philosophy Classics is filled with interesting comparisons between Asian and Western thought. These comparisons not only make the great works of Asian philosophy accessible to Western readers, they also shed light on familiar philosophical issues. Here’s an excerpt in which Li connects ideas from the Analects of Confucius to…

Fall Conference Schedule

Broadview will be exhibiting at the following conferences this season. For those attending, be sure to stop by the book display to say hello! ———————————————————————————————————————— SEPTEMBER: North American Victorian Studies Association September 27-30 in Madison, WI OCTOBER: Society for the Study of American Women Writers October 11-13 in Denver, CO Rocky Mountain MLA October 11-13…

Fall 2012 Publications

With summer drawing to a close and September courses right around the corner, we at Broadview are looking forward to the season ahead and to an exciting list of fall publications. Here is a quick look at the range of texts in both English Studies and Philosophy that will be joining our list in the…

The people behind Broadview

Have you ever wondered who the people are behind Broadview books?  Last week we had the opportunity to pose for a staff photo. We’re a small but tightly-knit team—you can see our smiling faces above. For many companies a group photo might be a relatively ordinary occurrence, but it is more challenging than you might…

Philosophizing About Games

What exactly are games, and why do we play them? Ludwig Wittgenstein famously used the concept ‘game’ to illustrate what he called ‘family resemblance’—the idea that some things don’t have a single, defining characteristic. Some games are amusing, some games are competitive, and some games require a board, but not one of these traits is…