ebooks on the Broadview website & other updates for the new year

Hello everyone,

First, let me extend heartfelt thanks to the many, many academics who have been supportive over the past year of Broadview books and, more generally, of Broadview’s approach to publishing. It’s very much appreciated by all 26 of us at Broadview—and I’m sure by our authors as well!

Second, let me give you news for the new year: as of today, it’s possible for North Americans to purchase ebooks as well as traditional bound books directly from Broadview through our website. More than half the full list of Broadview titles is now available for sale in digital form—and in many cases readers have more than one electronic choice, with both EPUB and PDF versions available. Prices are typically more than 30% lower than those of the traditional bound versions. Of course no shipping charges apply, and there’s no wait for books to be delivered. (More information about formats is available here.)

For those who prefer traditional bound books, on the other hand, we are again extending the special discount that we began offering last season to those purchasing directly from the Broadview site; you can tell your students that if they enter the code broadview20% in the “coupon code” box when they are placing their order, they will obtain the special price. Whether buying ebooks or bound books from Broadview, readers are supporting environmentally sustainable practices; the great majority of Broadview bound books are printed on 100% recycled paper.

Broadview books are also available through many other sources, of course, including Google Play for ebooks, and independent and university bookshops throughout North America (and in much of the rest of the world as well) for bound books.*

Let me also mention once more something that I’ve touched on in past semesters—the powerful impact you have on student behavior if you make a point of speaking to your classes of the importance of everyone having a copy of the assigned texts. (In the survey we conducted this past spring, 84% of students reported that it makes a difference to their behavior if a professor “strongly emphasizes the importance of their having the assigned books.”)

All the best to you for 2013!

Don LePan
President, Broadview Press

*Broadview books are also available in many cases through Amazon. As a result of ongoing differences between Broadview and Amazon over terms of sale, we have not been dealing directly with Amazon.com for many months—but Amazon is continuing to list Broadview books on their site and to purchase copies of many titles through wholesalers to meet demand. Please be assured that if a Broadview title is listed by Amazon as “temporarily out of stock” that does not mean that the title is unavailable or out of print; try coming directly to the Broadview site, and you’ll find it readily available.

Posted on January 7, 2013