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A Broadview Summer Listening List

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It’s summer time; the sun is shining; your eyes need a break from months of staring at a screen. But that doesn’t mean you can’t catch up on all the new things we’ve got going on at Broadview! We’re lucky enough to have had some of our recent books covered on excellent podcasts. So many…

An Extended Stay at The Grand Babylon Hotel: My thoughts on editing Arnold Bennett’s fantasia


Randi Saloman at the 2006 Arnold Bennett Society Conference at Staffordshire University, holding an Arnold Bennett figurine gifted by the Society, with then Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent Jean Edwards in the background. [This summer we were excited to publish an edition of The Grand Babylon Hotel.  Our editor, Randi Saloman, wanted to share some thoughts on her…

On Editing James Joyce’s Dubliners

[This summer we were excited to publish a new edition of Dubliners.  Below our editor Keri Walsh shares some thoughts on the process of editing James Joyce.] Why edit Joyce? In retrospect, I think it was to repair my relationship with him. My previous project had been editing the correspondence of his publisher Sylvia Beach, the…

Happy Lives, Good Lives: Author Q&A

What does it mean to be happy? Jennifer Wilson Mulnix and MJ Mulnix address this question and others with philosophical rigour in Happy Lives, Good Lives: A Philosophical Examination and its companion anthology, Theories of Happiness. Broadview’s Philosophy Editor, Stephen Latta, asked Mulnix and Mulnix a few questions about happiness and their new books: SL: At any…

Victims and Victimhood: Trudy Govier in Conversation


Broadview Press is proud to have recently published Victims and Victimhood by Trudy Govier, a careful examination of the concept of victimhood. Issues are explored with reference to a range of complex examples, including child victims of institutional abuse and the famed Rigoberta Menchú controversy. Further topics include the authority of personal experience, restorative justice, restitution, forgiveness,…

Arguing with People

ARGUING WITH PEOPLE In the following interview, Michael Gilbert talks arguments with Stephen Latta, Broadview’s Philosophy Editor. Gilbert’s new book draws together insights from Argumentation Theory and our experience of everyday arguing to challenge and deepen how we approach critical thinking. SL: What is Argumentation Theory? MG: Argumentation Theory is an area of study that draws…

Interview with H.E. Baber on Globalization


In anticipation of the publication of Globalization and International Development, we spoke with co-editor (along with Denise Dimon) H.E. Baber to get her thoughts on the ethical and economic issues surrounding globalization and the ways in which this new anthology brings those issues to light.

Patricia Foster & Jeff Porter on The Lit Show


Co-editors Patricia Foster and Jeff Porter (University of Iowa, MFA Program in Nonfiction) recently sat down with Gemma de Choisy of The Lit Show to discuss their recently published anthology, Understanding the Essay. Give it a listen!

Broadview Author Mark Schwartz Discusses CSR


Mark S. Schwartz, Associate Professor of Law, Governance, and Ethics at York University, sat down for an interview with the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies to discuss his research in business ethics and the publication of Corporate Social Responsibility: An Ethical Approach (Broadview Press, 2011).

Keith Dromm on Sexual Harassment


Keith Dromm, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Louisiana Scholars’ College at Northwestern University and author of the recently published Sexual Harassment: An Introduction to the Conceptual and Ethical Issues, sat down with Alex Sager, Acquiring Editor for the Broadview Guides to Business and Professional Ethics series, to answer a few questions on the corporate, legal,…

Stephen Railton on Huck Finn


Stephen Railton, Professor of English at the University of Virginia and editor of the recently published Broadview Edition of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, sat down for an interview with UVa’s College of Arts and Sciences to discuss his uncensored presentation of Twain’s original 1885 manuscript and the ongoing controversy over the novel’s depiction of race…