A Broadview Summer Listening List

It’s summer time; the sun is shining; your eyes need a break from months of staring at a screen. But that doesn’t mean you can’t catch up on all the new things we’ve got going on at Broadview!

We’re lucky enough to have had some of our recent books covered on excellent podcasts. So many podcasts, in fact, that we’ve decided it’s time for us to put together a list for your listening pleasure.

So, charge up your earbuds, grab a beach towel, and enjoy some summer-time listening! (PS don’t forget the sunscreen!)

Bonnets at Dawn

Bonnets at Dawn is a literary cultural podcast about 18th-, 19th-, and 20th-century women writers hosted by Hannah K. Chapman and Lauren Burke. At 5 seasons (so far!) there’s a lot of great listening on well- and little-known literary figures that you won’t want to miss.

We’re lucky enough to have been featured on a few Bonnets episodes, including their deep-dive into Mary Shelley’s gothic incest novel, Mathilda, featuring Dr. Rachel Feder, who highly recommends our edition of the novel, edited by Dr. Michelle Faubert, on the pod.

In season 4, Bonnets at Dawn also did an excellent episode on an 18th-century novel that’s been getting a lot of critical attention lately, The Woman of Colour. They are joined by Dr. Kerry Sinanan to discuss the novel itself and Broadview’s edition of it, edited by Dr. Lyndon J. Dominique. (Bonus! Keep your eyes peeled for Prof. Sinanan’s forthcoming Broadview edition of The History of Mary Prince!)

The Ivory Tower Boiler Room

This podcast and blog began as a way for graduate students to discuss how they’re surviving the pandemic, and has since blossomed into a writing group that facilitates cross-disciplinary collaboration, and explores scholarship inside and outside the academy.

On a recent episode, they hosted Dr. Kate Flint and Dr. Jason Rudy, two editors of The Broadview Anthology of British Literature, to talk about the brand new third edition of the Victorian-Era volume of the anthology.

Tune in to hear about how the new edition works to decolonize the Victorian lit classroom, and how this reworking of the anthology “is not reshaping the 19th century to reflect 21st-century values. In fact, it’s opening up a more honest 19th century that was filled with many different voices and had a vibrant print and visual culture that was far more interesting than what our 20th-century anthologies have reflected to us.”

Plath & Co Podcast

The super team of editors extraordinaire, Dr. Barbara Black, Carly Newton Nations, and Anna Spydell talk all things Olive Schreiner and their Broadview edition of Dreams on the Plath & Co Podcast. You won’t want to miss this episode about Schreiner’s book of feminist allegory that inspired hunger-striking suffragettes and Charlotte Perkins-Gilman.

Teaching Writing: Ideas and Strategies

Instructors and students alike can uncover a veritable treasure trove of resources on Dr. Roger Graves’s podcast, Teaching Writing. Along with Dr. Heather Graves, Dr. Roger Graves is the coauthor of a number of Broadview titles on technical and professional writing.

Their recent addition to the Broadview list, A Concise Guide to Technical Communication, comes with podcast episodes to go along with each chapter of the book. (Bonus! Check out Dr. Graves’s video in which he discusses both the Concise Guide and Business Writing: Rhetorical Situations.)

Victorian Scribblers

Victorian Scribblers, hosted by Dr. Courtney Floyd and Dr. Eleanor Dumbill, is a biography and history podcast about the 19th-century writers time forgot.

Courtney and Eleanor recently had Dr. Robin Inboden on the show to talk about her recent Broadview edition of what might be the most radical Brontë novel, Agnes Grey

Earlier this year on Victorian Scribblers, Dr. Margaret Sönser Breen and Dr. Nisha Kommattam discussed their Broadview edition of Are They Women?, an early 20th-century German lesbian novel. Listen to the episode to find out why the editors describe the novel as “a fin de siècle L Word!”

Posted on June 28, 2021

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