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A Broadview Summer Listening List

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It’s summer time; the sun is shining; your eyes need a break from months of staring at a screen. But that doesn’t mean you can’t catch up on all the new things we’ve got going on at Broadview! We’re lucky enough to have had some of our recent books covered on excellent podcasts. So many…

Ezra Pound on Dubliners


Our edition of Dubliners, edited by Keri Walsh, is now available! We’d like to share an excerpt from Appendix A of our new edition. For more information on the text, click here. From Ezra Pound, “Dubliners and Mr. James Joyce,” The Egoist (15 July 1914) Freedom from sloppiness is so rare in contemporary English prose…

Robinson Crusoe reviewed in Digital Defoe

The Broadview edition of Robinson Crusoe, edited by Evan R. Davis, was recently reviewed by Benjamin F. Pauley (Eastern Connecticut State University) in Digital Defoe. Read the full review here and look for more information on this edition on the Broadview website.

Recent reviews: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu & George MacDonald editions

A lovely review of Roderick McGillis and John Pennington’s edition of George MacDonald’s At the Back of the North Wind recently appeared in VII: An Anglo-American Literary Review. Daniel Gabelman writes: “In addition to the text of At the Back of the North Wind and the seventy-six original illustrations by Arthur Hughes, the Broadview edition…

Secret Commissions reviewed in Victorian Periodicals Review


Stephen Donovan and Matthew Rubery’s unique anthology of Victorian investigative journalism, Secret Commissions, was recently reviewed by Ann M. Hale (University of St. Thomas) in the Spring 2013 issue of the Victorian Periodicals Review. Hale writes: “A key strength of Secret Commissions is that the content resonates with a range of disciplines, from media studies…