Spring 2013 Publications

A new semester is upon us and with that comes yet another exciting list of new and forthcoming publications from Broadview. Here is a quick look at what you can expect to see coming off the presses this season:

“a series in which the editing is something of an art form.” – The Washington Post

  • Meditations on First Philosophy
  • Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous
  • Essays and Treatises on Philosophical Subjects
  • Doctor Faustus: The B Text
  • Julius Caesar
  • Mrs. Dalloway
  • Ethan Frome
  • The Return of the Native
  • Letters Written during a Short Residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
  • The O’Briens and the O’Flahertys
  • The Daughter of Adoption
  • Lady Audley’s Secret: A Drama in Two Acts
  • The Tragedy of Tragedies
  • The Story of Little Dombey and Other Performance Fictions


  • The Broadview Anthology of Short Fiction, third edition
  • Writing About Literature, second edition
  • The Age of Authors
  • The Broadview Introduction to Literature
  • The Broadview Pocket Guide to Citation and Documentation
  • The Broadview Pocket Glossary of Literary Terms


  • An Introduction to Logical Theory
  • Globalization and International Development

If you are a professor who is interested in adopting one of these texts for an upcoming course, please email us at examcopies@broadviewpress.com to request a complimentary examination copy in either bound or electronic form.

These and other Broadview titles are also available for sale on our website at www.broadviewpress.com. We hope you’ll make your way over to the site for more information and, as always, keep checking back here as well—we’ll be providing more detailed updates on new and forthcoming titles throughout the term.


Posted on January 7, 2013

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