Visit the new and improved BABL website

Since the launch of our acclaimed Broadview Anthology of British Literature in 2006, we have been steadily expanding the anthology’s online resources, which feature not only a substantial portion of the anthology itself (additional readings that are edited to the same standards as the bound book) but also a variety of supplemental materials for both students and instructors—review questions, audio samples, chronological charts, approaches to teaching, and more.

Over the course of this year we have been working to improve both the content and the structure of the BABL websites in order to make them as useful and as accessible as possible. More readings have been added as new editions have been published; interactive review questions have been developed, allowing students to receive immediate feedback while testing their comprehension; and information has been added on how to access BABL in digital form.

The most significant change, however, has been the division of the original BABL site into two new sites: an Overview site with information about the various volumes in the anthology including pricing, Tables of Contents, package options, and custom coursepacks, as well as a passcode-protected Online Resources site where the online readings, exercises, and additional resources are now found. The Instructor’s site also remains available, and login information in all cases is provided with exam copies of the anthology (please contact us if you’ve lost your code). Whether you’re looking up a price for a particular volume, trying to access a web reading, or browsing the teaching resources, we think you’ll find it’s now a much smoother and simpler process.

We hope you’ll make your way over to and explore the new and improved face of BABL online!

Posted on October 3, 2012