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Hello everyone,

At the wonderful recent NAVSA conference in Phoenix, I was very pleased to hear a great many people commenting positively on Broadview editions (and on Broadview books in general). But I was also surprised to discover how many people who know and like what we at Broadview are doing were not aware of some of the special prices we offer; again and again people would say to me that they often choose Broadview editions for their upper year and graduate courses, but that for first and second year courses they tend to look elsewhere, simply because of price.

There’s no question that Broadview editions (while typically less expensive than those published by Norton) do tend to cost a few dollars more than those from Penguin or Oxford. But typically the difference is less than the price of a latte, or a draft beer (the Penguin Classics Frankenstein currently retails for $10.00, while the Broadview is priced at $12.95; the Oxford Heart of Darkness sells for $8.95, while the Broadview is priced at $11.95, etc.). And if you’re having more than one? Broadview offers a “4 for the price of 3” special deal: we’ll shrink-wrap special packages of four books, assign a special ISBN to the package, and the student will be able to buy four books for the price of three. For that price, of course, they’ll get editions of remarkably high quality that offer a wide range of additional materials beyond the text itself. (Plus, they’ll get books that are environmentally friendly; for many years Broadview policy has been to use 100% recycled paper wherever possible.)

There are many other special packages available too. If you are using one or more of the volumes of our Broadview Anthology of British Literature, and would like to use a novel or play that’s not included in the anthology, we’ll include in a shrink-wrapped package any one of the over 400 Broadview editions available—at no extra cost to the student beyond the price of the anthology volume(s).

Aside from these anthology combinations, we’re happy to create on request special price packages on many, many combinations of two or more Broadview titles.

I’ll hope that this constitutes one small piece of good news for many of you, at a time when there’s been too much depressing news for many of us!

All the best to you,

Don LePan
CEO and Company Founder

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Posted on November 22, 2016