Broadview is pleased to offer discounted prices on book packages. One of the most commonly used packages is “4 for the price of 3”: buy any three editions and the fourth one will be added for free. We also offer the ability to bundle multiple volumes of The Broadview Anthology of British Literature (BABL) together at a reduced price.

Instructors should contact their Broadview Representative or (705-482-5915) for information about packages. Broadview Representatives will provide you with a package quote and a unique ISBN that you may use to place an order for one of our shrink-wrapped packages through your bookstore. If you would like to use several Broadview titles for a course, but they do not fit into the most commonly used packages described on this page, please contact us to inquire about options for a reduced package price.

Below we’ve listed some commonly used standard packages, course packages which are customized sets of books chosen by an instructor for a particular course, and also themed gift packages of beautiful Broadview editions that are perfect for gift-giving.

Standard Packages
The Broadview Anthology of British Literature: Concise Volumes A & B
The Broadview Anthology of British Literature: Volumes I, II, III: The Medieval Period 3/e; Renaissance and early 17C 3/e; Restoration and 18C 2/e
The Broadview Anthology of British Literature, Volumes IV, V, VI: The Age of Romanticism 3/e; The Victorian Era 2/e; The Twentieth Century and Beyond
The Broadview Introduction to Literature, Drama and Poetry Volumes
The Broadview Anthology of Drama, Volumes I & II
Grammar by Diagram and Workbook Package
Theories of Happiness and Happy Lives, Good Lives Package

Gift Packages
Chaucer Package
City & Country: A Broadview Gift Package
The Coming of Modernity: A Broadview Gift Package
Cultural Encounters
Freud Editions Package
Growing Up
Human Transformations
Mystery, Horror, Sensation
Other Worlds
Sex and Culture Package
Tales of Adventure I
Tales of Adventure II

Course Packages
EN 3102: Jane Austen in Print & Film
ENG 103: 18th and 19th Century Literature
ENGL 7053: Posthumanism and the Gothic: Animals, Monsters, and Machines
UGS 303: Jane Austen on Page and Screen