Why Publish with Broadview?

Broadview: An Introduction

A name never says it all, but the word “Broadview” expresses a good deal of the philosophy behind our company. We are open to a broad range of academic approaches and political viewpoints. We welcome feminist perspectives, and we have a particular interest in addressing environmental issues. Our publishing program is internationally-oriented, and we publish for a broad range of geographical markets—but as a Canadian company we also publish a broad range of titles with a Canadian emphasis. And our individual titles often appeal to a broad readership; we publish many titles that are as much of interest to the general reader as they are to academics and students.

Broadview: The Company

Broadview Press is an independent academic publisher with no affiliation to any larger publishing house or media conglomerate. The company has roughly 600 titles in print, and is currently publishing approximately 40 new titles per year. Broadview Press was incorporated in 1985; since then the company has grown steadily and now employs over 30 people.

Broadview: Environmental Commitment

We pay attention to the broad impact book publishing and book printing has on the wider world; we began using recycled stock more than a decade ago, and for some years now we have used 100% recycled paper to print the interiors of the majority of our books.

Manuscripts and Proposals

Srivinas Aravamudan, Richard D. Altick, Janet Beer, Linda Bree, Allen Carlson, Thomas J. Collins, Brian Corman, Jeffrey N. Cox, Barbara C. Ewell, Kate Flint, Michael Gamer, Janet Giltrow, Thomas Hurka, Will Kymlicka, Elizabeth Langland, Roy Liuzza, Isobel Grundy, Gary Kelly, Jerome J. McGann, A.P. Martinich, Anne K. Mellor, Anne Lake Prescott, John Richetti, Tilottama Rajan, Peter Sabor, Geoffery Sill, Marjorie Stone, John Sutherland, James Tully, Daniel Vickers, Germaine Warkentin, Susan Wolfson…

Which press numbers these outstanding authors on their lists of published or forthcoming titles? Oxford University Press would be a reasonable guess—as would Princeton, or Penguin, or Cambridge. But in this case “Broadview” is the answer. We would like it to be better known that, in the more than quarter century since Broadview was founded, we have built not only an outstanding list of books but also an outstanding list of highly-respected authors. Why have they come to Broadview? Because they like who we are and what we have done and they want to be a part of it, is perhaps the best answer. But there is more to it than that. At Broadview we strive to provide consistently high levels of editorial and market research; of substantive editing and of proofreading; of design; and of marketing. We are sufficiently small that it feels natural for us to provide personal attention to our authors—but we are large enough to be able to capably market and to distribute our books around the world. Our books are represented by an experienced team of in-house university and college sales reps, we attend the leading humanities conferences, and we actively engage with new technologies and digital methods of distribution. One other thing: we are not compartmentalized in the way that so many larger publishers are, treating particular books as appropriate only to one particular market. We try to find as many markets as possible for almost every title we publish. So if you are wondering who to approach with your next manuscript or book proposal, we hope you will think of Broadview. You’ll be in good company if you do!