Table of Contents

Preface to the Third Edition


Introduction: Ethical Resources for Decision-Making

1. Moral Philosophy
2. Morality versus Ethics
3. Levels of Moral Response
4. A Variety of Perspectives
5. Some Basic Concepts
6. Five Ethical Theories
7. The Language of Rights
8. Concluding Thoughts


1. The Doctor-Patient Relationship
1. When Physician and Family Disagree
2. Prescribing Birth Control to Minors
2. Fetal Rights?
1. When a couple Disagrees Over Abortion
2. The Role of Chantal Daigle’s Boyfriend in Her Abortion Decision
3. Protecting an “Unborn Child”: The Case of Ms. G.
3. Pre-Natal Screening and Non-Treatment of “Mentally Disabled” Newborn Infants
1. Should Fetuses with “Milder” Defects be Aborted?
2. Should Treatment be Withheld from Patients with Severe Mental Disabilities?
4. Medical Intrusion into Human Reproduction
1. Difficulties With Therapeutic Donor Insemination
2. The Legality and Morality of Surrogate Motherhood
5. Research Involving Human Subjects
1. Using Infants in Medical Research Projects
2. Research Involving Alzheimer Patients
6. Mental Illness
1. Non-Consensual Electro-Convulsive Shock Therapy
2. Discontinuing Forced Feeding of an Anorexia Nervosa Patient
7. Esoteric Medicine
1. A Baboon Heart for Baby Fae
2. Did Family Instability Warrant Non-Treatment of Baby Jesse?
3. A Jarvik-7 Heart: Experimentation or Therapy?
8. Death, Dying and Euthanasia
1. “Don’t Let My Mother Die”
2. “Please Let Me Die”
3. Sue Rodriguez: “Please Help Me to Die”
4. Tracy and Robert Latimer: “It Was Right For Me to Kill My Daughter”
5. The Brain Dead as Teaching Materials
6. Religious Conflict Over a Life-Saving Blood Transfusion
9. Scarce Medical Resources
1. Dialysis Machine Shortages: Who Shall Live?
2. Budget Cutting in Neonatology and Perinatology
10. Organ and Tissue Donation
1. Anencephalic Infants as Donors
2. Fetal Tissue Transplantation
11. AIDS
1. Fear of Contracting AIDS in a Community College
2. Canada’s Tainted Blood Scandal
12. Unanalysed Cases and Questions for Further Study
1. Should Cattle Prods be Used to Correct Self-Destructive Behavior?
2. Stephen Dawson: Should Severely Retarded Patients be Treated?
3. Ought We to Save Mother or Child?
4. Should Patients be Informed of Remote Risks of Procedures?
5. Whistle Blowing on Hepatitis B Carriers
6. Minors as Organ Donors
7. Failed Contraception, Genetic Defect, and Parental Conflict
8. Sex Selection for Non-Medical Reasons
9. To Resuscitate or Not to Resuscitate
10. CPR and a Nurse’s Responsibility
11. CPR and a Nurse’s Responsibility 2
12. “Please Don’t Tell My Husband He Has Cancer”
13. “Don’t Start the Respirator”
14. Queue-Jumping in the OR
15. An “Over-the-Hill” Surgeon


Posted on October 29, 2015