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Anne Brontë: A Brief Chronology
A Note on the Text

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Appendix A: Other Writings by Anne and Charlotte Brontë

  1. Anne Brontë, Letter to the Reverend David Thom (30 December 1848)
  2. Anne Brontë, “To Cowper” (1846)
  3. Anne Brontë, “A Word to the ‘Elect’” (1846)
  4. From Charlotte Brontë, “Biographical Notice of Ellis and Acton Bell” (1850)
  5. Charlotte Brontë, Introduction to “Poems by Acton Bell” (1850)

Appendix B: Contemporary Reviews

  1. Athenaeum (8 July 1848)
  2. The Examiner (29 July 1848)
  3. Fraser’s Magazine (April 1849)
  4. The Literary World (12 August 1848)
  5. North American Review (October 1848)
  6. Rambler (September 1848)
  7. Sharpe’s London Magazine (August 1848)
  8. The Spectator (8 July 1848)

Appendix C: Women’s Education

  1. From Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792)
  2. From Hannah More, Strictures on the Modern System of Female Education (1799)
  3. From Sarah Lewis, Woman’s Mission (1840)
  4. John Cowie, “Noble Sentiments on the Influence of Women,” Howitt’s Journal (March 1847)

Appendix D: Wives

  1. From Hannah More, Coelebs in Search of a Wife (1808)
  2. From Caroline Norton, A Letter to the Queen on Lord Chancellor Cranworth’s Marriage and Divorce Bill (1855)

Appendix E: Childrearing

  1. From Hannah More, Strictures on the Modern System of Female Education (1799)
  2. From John S.C. Abbott, The Mother at Home (1833)
  3. From John S.C. Abbott, The Child at Home (1834)
  4. From Sarah Lewis, Woman’s Mission (1840)
  5. From Berthold Auerbach, “Every–day Wisdom, Plucked from the Garden of Childhood,” Howitt’s Journal (January 1848)
  6. From Anonymous, “The Moral Discipline of Children,” British Quarterly Review (April 1858)

Appendix F: Temperance

  1. From Joseph Entwisle, “On Drinking Spirits,” The Methodist Magazine (July 1804)
  2. J.P. Parker, Lecture on Temperance and Slavery, Howitt’s Journal (24 April 1847)
  3. From Anonymous, “Temperance and Teetotal Societies,” Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine (April 1853)
  4. Thomas Buchanan Read, “What a Word May Do” (1868)

Appendix G: Women and Art

  1. Anonymous, “Let Us Join the Ladies,” Punch (July 1857)
  2. From Ellen C. Clayton, English Female Artists (1876)

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