Table of Contents



Thomas Hobbes: A Brief Chronology

A Note on the Text

Leviathan, Parts I and II

Appendix A: From Robert Filmer, Observations Concerning the Original of Government, Upon Mr Hobbes’s ‘Leviathan,’ Mr Milton against Salmasius, H. Grotius ‘De Jure Belli’

Appendix B: From George Lawson, An Examination of the Political Part of Mr Hobbs His Leviathan

Appendix C: From John Bramhall, The Catching of Leviathan, or the Great Whale

Appendix D: From William Lucy, Observations, Censures and Confutations of Notorious Errours in Mr. Hobbes His Leviathan

Appendix E: From Thomas Tenison, The Creed of Mr. Hobbes Examined in a Feigned Conference between Him and a Student in Divinity

Appendix F: From Samuel Pufendorf, Of the Law of Nature and of Nations, in Eight Books

Appendix G: From Edward Hyde, A Brief View and Survey of Mr. Hobbes His Leviathan


Posted on October 29, 2015