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Table of Contents: Genres
Table of Contents: Regions

Chinua Achebe (Nigeria) – Girls at War (story)
Ama Ata Aidoo (Ghana) – No Sweetness Here (story)
Agha Shahid Ali (Pakistan) – Snowmen (poem)
Mulk Raj Anand (India) – Duty (story)
Jean Arasanayagam (Sri Lanka) – I Have No Country (poem)/We Have Our Geneologies (poem)
Ven Begamudré (India-Canada) – Honestly, as in the Day (story)
Louise Bennett (Jamaica) – Anancy an Ticks (folk tale)
Neil Bissoondath (Trinidad-Canada) – Man as Plaything, Life as Mockery (story)
Gerry Bostock (Australia) – Here Comes the Nigger (play)
Dionne Brand (Trinidad-Canada) – Return I (poem)/….Seen (story)
Edward Kamau Brathwaite (Barbados) – Red Rising (poem)
Dennis Brutus (South Africa) – I Am Alien in Africa and Everywhere (poem)/I Am Out of Love with You For Now (poem)
Buhkwujjenene (Canada) – Nanaboozhoo Creates the World (folk tale)
Willi Chen (Trinidad) – Assam’s Iron Chest (story)
Austin Clarke (Barbados-Canada) – The Man (story)
Saros Cowasjee (India-Canada) – His Father’s Medals (story)
Rienzi Crusz (Sri Lanka-Canada) – Roots (poem)
Fred D’Aguiar (Guyana-UK) – Home (poem)
Cyril Dabydeen (Guyana-Canada) – Señorita (poem)/Elephants Make Good Stepladders (poem)
David Dabydeen (Guyana-UK) – Catching Crabs (poem)/ The New Poetry (poem)
Kamala Das (India) – An Introduction (peom)/The Looking Glass (poem)
Manoj Das (India) – Encounters (story)
Jack Davis (Australia) – White Fantasy–Black Fact (story)/Pay Back (story)
Anita Desai (India) – Surface Textures (story)
Eunice de Souza (India) – Catholic Mother (poem)/Return (poem)
Nissim Ezekiel (India) – Case Study (poem)
Lorna Goodison (Jamaica) – Survivor (poem)
Nadine Gordimer (South Africa) – Is There Nowhere Else Where We Can Meet? (story)
Jessica Hagedorn (Philippines-USA) – The Song of Bullets (poem)
Claire Harris (Trinidad-Canada) – Framed (poem)/And So…Home (poem)/Backstage at the Glenbow Museum, Calgary (poem)
Wilson Harris (Guyana-UK) – Kanaima (story)
Bessie Head (South Africa) – The Collector of Treasures (story)
Keri Hulme (New Zealand) – Hooks and Feelers (story)
Witi Ihimaera (New Zealand) – A Game of Cards (story)
Sally Ito (Canada) – Sisters of the Modern Mind (poem)
Arnold Itwaru (Guyana-Canada) – arrival (poem)/roomer (poem)/separate ways (poem)
Sunita Jain (India) – Fly the Friendly Skys (story)
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala (India-USA) – The Old Lady (story)
Jamaica Kincaid (Antigua-USA) – My Mother (story)/On Seeing England for the First Time (essay)
Thomas King (Canada) – Coyote Goes to Toronto (poem)
Joy Kogawa (Canada) – What Do I Remember of the Evacuation (poem)/When I Was a Little Girl (poem)
Shirley Geok-lin Lim (Malaysia-USA) – Ah Mah (poem)/To Li Poh (poem)
Jayanta Mahapatra (India) – The Abandoned British Cemetary at Balasore (poem)
Lee Maracle (Canada) – Charlie (story)
Dambudzo Marechera (Zimbabwe) – Black Skin What Mask (story)
Pauline Melville (Guyana-UK) – The Truth is in the Clothes (story)
Sudesh Mishra (Fiji) – The Black Pagoda: Konarak (poem)/Mt Abu: St. Xavier’s Church (poem)
Rohinton Mistry (India-Canada) – Swimming Lessons (story)
Timothy Mo (Hong Kong-UK) – One of Billy’s Boys: A Memoir (story)
Tololwa Marti Mollel (Tanzania-Canada) – A Night Out (story)
Toshio Mori (USA) – Slant-Eyed Americans (story)
Mervyn Morris (Jamaica) – To an Expatriate Friend (poem)/Family Pictures (poem)
Es’kia Mphahlele (South Africa) – The Coffee-Cart Girl (story)
Bharati Mukherjee (India-USA) – Hindus (story)
V.S. Naipaul (Trinidad-UK) – B. Wordsworth (story)/Jasmine (essay)
Satendra Nandan (Fiji) – Return to a Certain Darkness (story)
R.K. Narayan (India) – Mother and Son (story)
Mudrooroo Narogin (formerly Colin Johnson, Australia) – A Missionary Would I Have Been (story)
Njabulo S. Ndebele (South Africa) – Guilt and Atonement: Unmasking History for the Future (essay)
Ngitji Ngitji (formerly Mona Tur, Australia) – The Possum Woman (story)
Ngugi wa Thiong’o (Kenya) – Goodbye Africa (story)
Oodgeroo Noonuccal (formerly Kath Walker, Australia) – Gooboora, the Silent Pool (poem)/The Past (poem)
Gabriel Okara (Nigeria) – The Snowflakes Sail Gently Down (poem)
Michael Ondaatje (Sri Lanka-Canada)- Light (poem)
Sasenarine Persaud (Guyana-Canada) – Tiger Swami (poem)
M. Nourbese Philip (Trinidad-Canada) – She Tries Her Toungue; Her Silence Softly Breaks (poem)/Transfiguration (poem)
Jean Rhys (Dominica-UK) – I Used to Live Here Once (story)
Salman Rushdie (India-UK) – “Commonwealth Literature” Does Not Exist (essay)
Samuel Selvon (Trinidad-UK-Canada) – Brackley and the Bed (story)/Turning Christian (story)
Olive Senior (Jamaica) – The Boy Who Loved Ice Cream (story)
Vikram Seth (India) – from The Golden Gate 12.1-12.8 (poem)
Philip Sherlock (Jamaica) – The Warau People Discover the Earth (folk tale)
Leslie Marmon Silko (USA) – Yellow Woman (story)
Wole Soyinka (Nigeria) – The Trials of Brother Jero (play)
Subramani (Fiji) – Sautu (story)
Mary TallMountain (USA) – There is No Word for Goodbye (poem)
Edwin Thumboo (Singapore) – Ulysses by the Merlion (poem)
M.G. Vassanji (Tanzania-Canada) – The London-Returned (story)
Alafina Vuki (Fiji) – Four-Year Wisdom (poem)
Fred Wah (Canada) – from Breathin’ my name with a sigh (poem)
Derek Walcott (St. Lucia) – Ruins of a Great House (poem)/A Letter from Brooklyn (poem)/Midsummer LII (poem)
Albert Wendt (Western Samoa-New Zealand) – Crocodile (story)
May Wong (Singapore) – The Shroud (poem)
Arthur Yap (Singapore) – 2 Mothers in a HDB Playground (poem)

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