Table of Contents


Composition and Publication
Setting: Time and History
Setting: Town and Country
“A Man of Character”
Narrative Technique: Pictorialism and Circularity
Language and Style
A Note on the Text

Thomas Hardy: A Brief Chronology

The Life and Death of the Mayor of Castlebridge:
A Story of a Man of Character

Appendix A: Dialect Words and Expressions
Appendix B: Place-names
Appendix C: Wife-selling
Appendix D: The Corn Laws
Appendix E: Prince Albert in Dorchester
Appendix F: Maumbury Ring and the Execution of Mary Channing
Appendix G: The Skimmington Ride
Appendix H: Henchard’s Bankruptcy
Appendix I: The First Book of Samuel
Appendix J: Hardy’s “General Preface”
Appendix K: Contemporary Reviews

Works Cited and Recommended Reading

Posted on October 29, 2015