Table of Contents

Acknowledgements and Editorial Note
A Note on the Text
Thomas Hardy: A Brief Chronology
Hardy’s Preface (1895), Revised Preface and Postscript (1912)


Part First, At Marygreen, I-XI
Part Second, At Christminster, I-VII
Part Third, At Melchester, I-X
Part Fourth, At Shaston, I-VI
Part Fifth, At Aldbrickham and Elsewhere, I-VIII
Part Sixth, At Christminster again, I-XI

Appendix A: Major Textual Changes
Appendix B: Comments by Hardy
Appendix C: Contemporaneous Reviews and a Parody
Appendix D: Hardy’s Outlook
Appendix E: Influences and Contexts: Cultural Extracts
Appendix F: Oxford, Jowett, and Educational Opportunity
Appendix G: Divorce in Jude the Obscure
Appendix H: Map of Wessex Appended to the 1895 Edition of Jude the Obscure

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