Table of Contents


  • Themes in Canadian Applied Environmental Ethics
    Alex Wellington, Allan Greenbaum and Wesley Cragg

Resource Use — Forestry

  1. Shifting Values
    Alan Drengson and Duncan Taylor
  2. Environmental Ethics and Canadian Forest Policy

    Peter Miller
  3. The Forests at Barrière Lake
    Elise Shenkier and Thomas Meredith

Resource Use — Fishing and Mining

  1. The Aftermath of Collapse
    Ray Rogers

  2. Ethics, Surface Mining and the Environment
    Wesley Cragg, David Pearson and James Cooney

Resource Use — Biotechnology and Nuclear Power

  1. Ethics for New Life Forms
    David Oppenheim and Robert Gibson
  2. Ethics of Wastes
    Andrew Brook

Resource Use — Corruption and Abuse of Power

  1. Politics, Ethics, and Ecology
    Lionel Rubinoff

Nature Preservation — Animals and Species

  1. Animal Rights and Native Hunters
    Wendy Donner
  2. Arguments for Vegetarianism
    Michael Fox
  3. Cattle and Prairie Ecology
    Roger Cohen
  4. Endangered Species Policy
    Alex Wellington

Nature Preservation — Wilderness Preservation and Land Use

  1. Wild Nature as Resource?
    Anne Bell
  2. The Long and the Short of Environmental Defence
    Jerry Valen DeMarco
  3. A Code of Ethics for Short Hills Park
    Ingrid Leman Stefanovic
  4. Market for Natural Heritage
    Allan Greenbaum

Environmental Justice — Native Issues

  1. Terrorism at Oka
    Laura Westra
  2. Ethics and Environmental Impact Statement
    Ron Pushchak
  3. Lessons for the Moose River Basin
    Wesley Cragg and Mark Schwartz
  4. Exploring Aboriginal Environmental Ethics
    Deborah McGregor

Environmental Justice — Ecofeminism

  1. An Overview of Ecofeminism
    Annie Booth
  2. Allies in Agriculture
    Karen Krug

Environment Justice — Pedagogy

  1. Environmental Education in a Democratic Society
    Pamela Courtenay Hall

Environmental Justice — International/Global Justice Issues

  1. International Environmental Justice
    Peter Penz

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Posted on October 29, 2015