Critics’ Reviews

Life Examined comprises an astoundingly wide range of material, appropriate not only for a variety of introductory philosophy courses but also for intermediate and more advanced courses in everything from ethics and economics to political theory and social criticism. The admirably diverse and well balanced selection includes readings by authors from Siddhartha Gautama to Naomi Klein, representing various disciplines and eras, numerous countries and continents, different cultures and languages, and widely differing value systems and moral perspectives. This is an ideal textbook, and a resource that readers will want to return to for years to come.” — Jeff Mitscherling, University of Guelph

“This anthology will help students to escape the horizons of their own settled ways of life by presenting them with a diversity of historical, cultural, political, and philosophical perspectives. The selections are drawn from Western and Eastern philosophical traditions as well as indigenous and radical voices deeply critical of the canon and the values it champions. At the same time, the selections are not fashionably eclectic but chosen with clear philosophical purpose, concisely explained in the overview essays by the editors which begin each chapter. The text should stand out in a very crowded field.” — Jeff Noonan, University of Windsor

Posted on July 13, 2019