Table of Contents

Thomas Kyd: A Brief Chronology
A Note on the Text

The Spanish Tragedy

Appendix A: Additional Passages of 1602

Appendix B: Documents in the Life of Thomas Kyd

  1. From Richard Mulcaster, Positions (1581)
  2. Letter from Queen Elizabeth’s Privy Council (11 May 1593)
  3. Thomas Kyd, Two Letters to Sir John Puckering (1593)
  4. Thomas Kyd, Dedication to Robert Garnier’s Cornelia (1594)

Appendix C: The Question of Revenge

  1. From the Epistle of the Apostle Paul to the Romans
  2. From Seneca, Thyestes (first century CE)
  3. From “A Sermon against Contention and Brawling” (1547)
  4. From Richard Jones, The Book of Honor and Arms (1590)
  5. From William Westerman, Two Sermons of Assize (1600)
  6. From Ben Jonson, Introduction to Bartholomew Fair (1614)
  7. Sir Francis Bacon, “Of Revenge” (1625)

Appendix D: Violence and Entertainment in Elizabethan England

  1. From Robert Langham, A Letter (1575)
  2. From William Harrison, Description of England (1586)
  3. From Philip Stubbes, The Anatomy of Abuses (1595)
  4. John Norden, Map of London (1593)
  5. The Triple Tree at Tyburn

Appendix E: The Social Construction of Women at Court

  1. From Baldesar Castiglione, The Book of the Courtier (1528)
  2. From Juan Luis Vives, Instruction of Christian Women (1529)
  3. Queen Elizabeth’s Armada Speech to the Troops at Tilbury (9 August 1588)
  4. Lady Arbella Stuart, Letter to King James (c. December 1610)
  5. From Elizabeth Cary, The Tragedy of Mariam (1613)

Appendix F: Spain in Elizabethan Culture

  1. From Richard Hakluyt, A Discourse on Western Planting (1584)
  2. From A Fig for the Spaniard (1591)
  3. From Sir Walter Raleigh, A Report of the Truth of the Fight about the Iles of Azores (1591)

Works Cited and Further Reading

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