Critics’ Reviews

“This is an immensely impressive and inspiring project. Each volume of Moral Issues in Global Perspective combines serious attention to moral and political theory with substantive treatment of actual moral issues as they arise in very different human contexts across the planet. No credible moral philosopher can ignore the fact that globalization and multiculturalism make a difference to how moral problems are framed and therefore to how those problems might be addressed. And our students deserve nothing less than to be exposed to the rich diversity of human thinking about how to live. Individually and collectively, these volumes provide essential guides to the latest conversation between theorists and practitioners around the world about a host of questions vital to everyday life and to the very future of ethical humankind.” — Susan Dwyer, University of Maryland, Baltimore

“This is a truly magnificent collection. It brings together some of the best writings that have been published in the area of social justice broadly construed, taking up such topics as child labor and terrorism in addition to many of the traditional issues. A most commendable feature is that not only are traditional and non-traditional writings
represented, but we also have first-rate work by a particularly wide range of exceptional thinkers. It is not just that there is something for all. Rather, it is that there is much that would intellectually engage anyone.” — Laurence Thomas, Syracuse University, Maxwell School

Posted on November 2, 2015