Critics’ Reviews

“This is an astoundingly rich book, which replaces in one fell swoop all other introductions to Middle English. Fulk has magisterially digested the sometimes dramatic developments of the past fifty years and presents the reader with a comprehensive, lucid and elegantly written account of the grammar of Middle English, its syntax, and its dialect variations. The core of the book is a fine anthology of Middle English texts, ranging from the twelfth to fifteenth centuries, girded with insightful commentaries and a selective glossary. Fulk’s Introduction is to last a generation, and more.” — Rolf Bremmer, Leiden University

“Middle English is not taught as often as it should be. Thanks to this exciting new Introduction to Middle English, it may see a revival! The book consists of a detailed and sophisticated, yet thoroughly enjoyable, Grammar. It also contains excerpts from 38 texts organized in a chronological order. The excerpts are well chosen and each is introduced and followed by insightful linguistic commentary and notes. A glossary completes the book. This Introduction will appeal to students of linguistics and literature alike.” — Elly Van Gelderen, Arizona State University

Posted on November 2, 2015