Critics’ Reviews

“Graced by an uncommonly interesting as well as learned introduction, this edition of the virtually unknown novel, The Female American, will invigorate any collection of colonial American literature. Indeed, its obscurity up to now is surprising, for it seems as central to the modes and issues of colonial fiction as such now-standard works as Susanna Rowson’s Charlotte Temple: A Tale of Truth or Hannah Foster’s The Coquette.”
Myra Jehlen
“The Female American is a fascinating Robinsoniad …an original blend of predecessor narratives by Behn, Defoe, and Penelope Aubin.”
John Richetti
“This adeptly edited, page-turner of a novel is a fascinating descendant of Robinson Crusoe and an important example of the kinds of cross-Atlantic fiction being written to explore issues of colonialism, race, gender, nationhood, and human rights in the decade before the American Revolution. In contrast to Smollett’s Humphry Clinker and Brooke’s The History of Emily Montague, The Female American dares to give us a bi-racial heroine, a nuanced portrait of American Indians who can ask whites ‘Had you no lands of your own?’ and a startling exploration of religious imperialism.”
Paula Backscheider

Posted on November 2, 2015