Critics’ Reviews

“This is an excellent collection of papers for any introduction to contemporary ethical issues, but it is an especially worthwhile choice for those interested in the significance of such issues for Canadians. The chapters include valuable information about the history and current status of Canadian law as it relates to the topics under consideration, and the inclusion of a detailed section on Multiculturalism and Aboriginal rights makes this book an outstanding choice for an overview of the field from a Canadian point of view. It also offers a thoughtful selection of classic essays and current contributions, many of which are written by prominent Canadian authors. Anyone choosing this book for a survey of the ethical issues affecting our society will not be disappointed.” — Scott Woodcock, University of Victoria

“I am pleased to say the changes in the third edition of Ethical Issues strike the right balance between updating the contents to reflect changes in the field and retaining many of the materials and features that made the second edition so well-suited to teaching courses on ethical issues. The new edition covers in a comprehensive and balanced way moral issues of longstanding concern, as well as those of growing relevance. The Canadian content continues to be one of the great strengths of this text. Happily, it has been updated and expanded to include recent important Canadian legislation and Canadian cases as well as Royal Commission reports and other readings from a Canadian perspective. It serves to locate these moral debates within contemporary Canadian society, and it provides students with Canadian frames of reference that are all too often missing in moral issues texts. I applaud the changes in this new edition and will continue to use it in my moral issues classes.” — Dr. Christine Freeman-Roth, Trent University

“The collection is to be recommended both for its widespread and comprehensive treatment of contemporary issues in applied ethics, and for its particular relevance to Canada and Canadian students.” — Philosophy in Review

Posted on November 2, 2015