Critics’ Reviews

“A superbly framed selection of five stories from Dubliners, with judicious footnotes right on the page where readers need them and a vivid set of background materials that will be especially helpful for new students of Joyce. This Broadview edition contains the contextual and scholarly richness of a full critical edition, but in a tightly pruned and wisely packaged short form.” — Jed Esty, University of Pennsylvania

“The Broadview edition of stories from Dubliners is an attractive, aptly illustrated addition to the collections of Joyce’s shorter writings available to students and teachers. Its five revealingly annotated stories represent well the full range of Dubliners’ fifteen tales, from beginning to end. They are supplemented by a well-informed introduction, letters to and from key figures involved in the book’s coming into being, interesting and relevant historical and literary contextual material, and reviews presenting diverse responses to Dubliners at its appearance as a book by a little-known author. Readers of this edition will be well pleased by its compact character and its depth.” — John Paul Riquelme, Boston University

Posted on November 2, 2015