The New Face of Broadview’s Jane Austen

We imagine that you would be hard pressed to find a university campus in North America where Jane Austen is not taught. Indeed, the Broadview editions that we offer of her novels are among the most popular books that we publish.

Because our Austen editions were published over a wide span of years, the covers―while all reflecting the distinctive Broadview Edition look―were not designed as a cohesive set. With that in mind, and in the lead-up to launching our new Jane Austen Online resource, we have started to re-release all our editions of Austen’s novels with new covers.

Each of the new covers are images of textile work from the late 18th and early 19th centuries, carefully selected for each edition to reflect themes of or scenes from the work. The types of embroideries featured on the covers are just like those that Austen’s heroines would have been working on as they sat in their drawing rooms scheming and daydreaming.

If you love teaching with our existing Austen editions and are eyeing your lecture notes with trepidation, don’t worry! The interiors of our editions will remain the same under their new covers, pagination and all. If you love your existing desk copy and its well-worn pages abundant with marginalia, you can continue to use it in the course (and feel free to brag to your students about your Broadview Original). If, however, you’re as excited as we are about these new covers, we’re happy to send you a replacement desk copy—just let us know!

For a new desk copy, you can reach out to your Broadview representative, or contact To request a review access code to Jane Austen Online once the site is completed, write to

Posted on August 2, 2018