Access to Broadview titles and other information related to COVID-19

Updated March 25, 2020


Due to the emergency measures enacted in Ontario our warehouse is temporarily closed for 14 days beginning on March 25th. Our customer service staff remain available via email ( to take bound book orders to be filled when we reopen. If you wish to be notified via email when the warehouse reopens please ask Customer Service to be added to our list.

If you are an instructor seeking examination or desk copies, for the time being we can only provide these in electronic form. Please write to your Publisher’s Representative (contact information listed below) or If you are unable to review a text in electronic form, we will be happy to ship to your home address once the warehouse reopens.

Broadview Ebooks are available for sale in the following places:

The Broadview Press website

Google Play Books



Campus eBookstore

Access to Broadview titles for the remainder of term:

We realize that COVID-19 closures have caused a great deal of disruption to the school term. We at Broadview will do our best to support your efforts to continue to teach and learn. Our Publisher Representatives* are available to field any questions you may have.

We can offer several options to get books back into students’ hands as soon as possible if they lost access to their course materials in the transition to online-only learning. The short version is: please write us if you need assistance, either by contacting your Rep or We’ll do our absolute best to accommodate you.

Broadview, along with a number of other publishers, is participating in the VitalSource Helps, RedShelf Responds, and Perusall programs to assist students who have lost access to course materials due to their campus moving online at short notice. These ebook distributors provide an end-to-end platform for efficiently delivering those materials to students. If your students require access to Broadview titles to complete their coursework this term, they will be able to obtain this for free through VitalSource and RedShelf between March 16 and May 25, 2020. More information about VitalSource Helps is available here, more information about Perusall’s program is available here, and more information about RedShelf Responds is available here.

If you can’t find the Broadview title you need, if your institution is not participating in either of these programs, or if you don’t even know where to start with these sites, again, please just be in touch.

For courses beginning in the summer or this coming fall, we plan to have our books available for sale through the Broadview Press website and other online retailers, and through campus bookstores. Ebooks remain available for sale on our website and on Google Play BooksVitalSource, and RedShelf. If you have any questions about text availability for an upcoming course, please contact your representative or

Take care everyone!

Leslie Dema, President, Broadview Press


*Broadview Press Customer Service and Publisher Representative contact information:

General Requests for Examination/Desk Copies:

Customer Service:

Kasandra Arthur: [Email]
Stacey Aspinall: [Email]
Dave Caulfield: [Email]
Ashley Cyr: [Email]
Leslie Dema: [Email]
Christine Handley: [Email]
Mary King: [Email]
Stephen Latta: [Email]
Graham Lloyd: [Email]
Brett McLenithan: [Email]
Erich Mulhall: [Email]
Michael Roberts: [Email]
Brooke Southgate: [Email]
Colby Stolson: [Email]
Braedan Zimmer: [Email]

If you aren’t sure who your publisher’s representative is, please write to  with your school name and state/province. Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate contact from there.


Posted on March 16, 2020