Try Broadview’s New Custom Text Builder

This fall, Broadview Press is launching a new website designed to make it fast and easy to create custom texts for use in your classes. This website features an ever-growing digital library of many of Broadview’s most popular titles, including every volume of the Broadview Anthology of British Literature, The Broadview Introduction to Literature, many of our new writing and composition titles, a selection of critical thinking texts, and much more. Using this site, you can mix-and-match the readings you want into a single, attractively produced, customized volume with perfect binding and a cardstock cover. Each Custom Text will be treated as a book that can be sold at your university bookstore under a unique ISBN.

Why use a Custom Text?

Broadview Custom Texts offer added flexibility when selecting course readings and are often more cost-effective than traditional anthologies.

Whether you’re looking for readings by a single author, or readings from a specific period, the selection process is clear and straight-forward. Browse by volume, or use our handy search feature to find the exact reading you’re looking for. As you add readings to your Custom Course Text you will see a running total of both the price and the page count. Throughout the process, your selections will be displayed in a table of contents on the right hand side of your screen.

Can’t find the book or reading that you’re looking for? Do you want only part of a given reading? Don’t worry–Broadview’s staff will do their best to accommodate customization requests. With the exception of readings that are in-copyright to a rights holder other than Broadview Press, the majority of material published by Broadview is available for inclusion in a custom text.

For those of you who prefer the traditional method of building custom texts (submitting a list of readings to a Broadview staff member), don’t worry; we will continue to offer this possibility.

The best way to experience our new custom text builder is to give it a try! Follow the link below to see the site in action.

Try Broadview’s new Custom Text Builder

custom text screenshot

Posted on October 1, 2015