Inclusive Access Adoptions with Broadview Press

Here at Broadview, we’ve seen an enormous shift toward digital adoptions over the last two years. A significant portion of these are what are commonly called “Inclusive Access” or “First Day” adoptions. In this sales model the cost of digital texts is included in a student’s course fees and the texts are made available to the student on or before the first day of class. This model can be attractive to students and instructors because it ensures all of the students in the class have access to the text throughout the duration of the course, while often delivering that text at a reduced price.

Broadview is happy to be partnered with a number of different platforms to help fulfill Inclusive Access adoptions. We work with VitalSource, RedShelf, and Perusall to deliver our ebooks to bookstores across North America. Discounted Inclusive Access prices are set within these platforms, though we are happy to discuss additional discounts for classes with particularly large enrollments (100 or more students).

If you are interested in an Inclusive Access adoption for an upcoming class, it’s best to begin by speaking with your campus bookstore. It is likely that they are familiar with the process and have steps in place for setting up this sort of adoption. If your institution is new to this model, or if you have any additional questions, please feel to contact us at

For instructors interested in bundling an eBook with a set of auto-grading interactive quizzes for an Inclusive Access adoption, we now also offer a selection of titles through our new courseware platform, Broadview Enhanced

Posted on September 27, 2022