Grammar By Diagram – Second Edition Workbook PDF: Wärnsby EN408/9C

Grammar By Diagram – Second Edition Workbook PDF: Wärnsby EN408/9C

Dear Customer: Please note that this book is intended for use by students taking EN408/9C at Malmö University. 

Structured to follow each chapter of Grammar by Diagram, second edition, this workbook includes practice exercises, including cumulative exercises, and a “final exam” to test knowledge of the entire text. A summary of concepts for each chapter is also included.


CHAPTER 1 The Eight Parts of Speech
CHAPTER 2 Basic Sentence Patterns for Be and Linking Verbs
CHAPTER 3 Basic Sentence Patterns for Intransitive and Transitive Verbs
CHAPTER 4 Usage Problems Associated with Adjectives and Adverbs

CHECK YOUR PROGRESS Exercise 1A (Chapters 1–4)
CHECK YOUR PROGRESS Exercise 1B (Chapters 1–4)

CHAPTER 5 Compound Structures
CHAPTER 6 Complex Sentences with Noun Clauses
CHAPTER 7 Complex Sentences with Adverb and Relative Clauses

CHECK YOUR PROGRESS Exercise 2A (Chapters 5–7)
CHECK YOUR PROGRESS Exercise 2B (Chapters 5–7)

CHAPTER 8 Usage Problems of Case, Agreement, and Consistency
CHAPTER 10 Verbals
CHAPTER 11 Usage Problems Associated with Verbs and Verbals

CHECK YOUR PROGRESS Exercise 3A (Chapters 8–11)
CHECK YOUR PROGRESS Exercise 3B (Chapters 8–11)

CHAPTER 12 Punctuation and Capitalization
CHAPTER 13 Sentence Transformations

CHECK YOUR PROGRESS Exercise 4A (Chapters 12–13)
CHECK YOUR PROGRESS Exercise 4B (Chapters 12–13)
CHECK YOUR PROGRESS Final Check (Chapters 1–13)

Appendix 3 Irregular and Troublesome Verb Forms
Appendix 6 Commonly Confused Words