Ethical Issues in Business
Inquiries, Cases, and Readings
  • Publication Date: April 13, 2000
  • ISBN: 9781551112572 / 1551112574
  • 552 pages; 7¾" x 9⅜"
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Ethical Issues in Business

Inquiries, Cases, and Readings

  • Publication Date: April 13, 2000
  • ISBN: 9781551112572 / 1551112574
  • 552 pages; 7¾" x 9⅜"

The core of this text comprises chapters on all the key issues of business in Canada today. Each chapter includes a hypothetical case study and an introduction highlighting key ethical points; two academic essays; and a real-life case study. Questions for discussion accompany the essays and case studies. The author has also included a general introduction to ethical issues and an overview of ethical theory; a section on institutionalizing ethics (discussing ethics officers/programs/codes etc.); and appendices providing excerpts from important classic contributions to ethical theory and from relevant Canadian law.


Ethical Issues in Business is a comprehensive package of articles, cases, and background discussion that provides an outstanding introduction to the subject for Canadian students. The text breathes fresh air into the study of business ethics; Tittle’s breezy, user-friendly style puts the lie to the impression that a business ethics text has to be boring.” — Paul Viminitz, University of Lethbridge

About the Author
Note to Reader

Section I – Introduction to Ethics in Business

  • Making Ethical Decisions
    The Role of Ethics in Business
    A Few Words about Terminology
    How to Think about Ethics
    How to Discuss Ethics
    Closing Comments
    References and Further Reading

Section II – Introduction to Ethical Theory

  • Introductory Note
    Kantian Ethics
    Virtue Ethics
    Feminist Ethics
    Naturalistic Theories
    Rights Theories
    Justice Theories
    Closing Note
    References and Further Reading
    Section III – Ethical Issues in Business
    Introductory Note

Chapter 1 – Whistleblowing

  • What to Do? – Rivertree’s Grocery
    Whistleblowing and Professional Responsibility – Sissela Bok
    Whistleblowing and Employee Loyalty – Ronald Duska
    Case Study – Dr. Olivieri vs. Apotex

Chapter 2 – Advertising

  • What to Do? – AdNet
    The Inconclusive Ethical Case Against Manipulative Advertising – Michael J. Phillips
    The AIDS Crisis: Unethical Marketing Leads to Negligent Homicide – Franklin B. Krohn and Laura M. Milner
    Case Study – Youth News Network (YNN)

Chapter 3 – Product Safety

  • What to Do? – Back to Basics
    On the Ethics of the Use of Animals in Science – Dale Jamieson and Tom Regan
    Nuclear Power—Some Ethical and Social Dimensions – Richard and Val Routly
    Case Study – DINP in PVC Teethers

Chapter 4 – Employee Rights

  • What to Do? – Caregivers’ Overload
    Ethical Outsourcing in UK Financial Services: Employee Rights – Mike J. Henderson
    The Discourse of Control – Stephen Maguire
    Case Study – The Westray Mine Disaster

Chapter 5 – Discrimination

  • What to Do? – Woodworking at the Education Centre
    Affirmative Action and Employment Equity in Canada – Susan Dimock and Christopher Tucker
    Is Mandatory Retirement Unfair Age Discrimination? – Gary A. Wedeking
    Case Study – Safeway’s Jewelry Policy

Chapter 6 – Management/Union Matters

  • What to Do? – The Grievance
    Public Employees’ Right to Strike – Mary Gibson
    Ethics in Negotiation: Oil and Water or Good Lubrication? – H. Joseph Reitz, James A. Wall Jr., and Mary Sue Love
    Case Study – The McDonald’s Union

Chapter 7 – Profit

  • What to Do? – No Limits, Ltd.
    Economic Efficiency and the Quality of Life – Rockney Jacobsen
    Are Profits Deserved? – Grant A. Brown
    Case Study – Tembec: Losses to Profits

Chapter 8 – Canadian Issues

  • What to Do? – Canadian Natural Resources, Inc.
    Sustainability and Historical Injustice: Lessons from the Moose River Basin – Wesley Cragg and Mark Schwartz
    Business Ethics and National Identity in Quebec: Distinctiveness and Directions – Jean Pasquero
    Case Study – Hockey: A Disappearing Canadian Cultural Icon

Chapter 9 – International Business

  • What to Do? – The Processing Fee
    Ethics and Multinational Corporation vis–à–vis Developing Nations – James R. Simpson
    Business Ethics and the International Trade in Hazardous Wastes – Jang B. Singh and V.C. Lakhan
    Case Study – Microcredit: The Case of Calmeadow

Chapter 10 – Business and the Environment

  • What to Do? – Surprise Toxins
    Corporate Responsibility – Wayne Stewart and Peter Dickey
    If a Tree Falls… – John Palmer, Eugene Tan, and Kent A. Peacock
    Case Study – Ballard Power Systems: Zero Emission Vehicles

Chapter 11 – The Medical Business

  • What to Do? – The Fetal Tissue Transplant Business
    Ethics, Pricing and the Pharmaceutical Industry – Richard A. Spinello
    The Morality of Human Gene Patents – David B. Resnik
    Case Study – The St. Michael’s–Wellesley Hospital Merger

Chapter 12 – Ethical Investing

  • What to Do? – Put Your Money Where Your Morals Are!
    The Ethics of Investing – William B. Irvine
    Capitalist Crunch – Anders Hayden
    Case Study – Investing in China

Section IV – Institutionalizing Ethics

  • Introductory Note
    Ethics Offices / Officers / Committees
    Ethics Programs
    Codes of Ethics
    Ethics Consultants
    Ethics Audits
    Closing Note

Appendix: I – Excerpts from ‘The Originals’ (Ethical Theories)
Appendix II – Relevant Canadian Law and Landmark Cases
Notes on the Contributors

Peg Tittle is a Professor of Philosophy at Nipissing University in Ontario.