ENGLISH 398: Jane Austen
  • 978-1-4881-1294-2

ENGLISH 398: Jane Austen

  • 978-1-4881-1294-2

This Broadview bundle offers the following titles at a discounted package price:

Pride and Prejudice, Second Edition (ISBN: 9781554814893)
Persuasion by Jane Austen (ISBN: 9781551111315)
Emma by Jane Austen (ISBN: 9781551113210)
Mansfield Park (ISBN: 9781551110981)
Sense and Sensibility (ISBN: 9781551111254)
Jane Austen’s Manuscript Works (ISBN: 9781554810581)

Course Information:

Course Code: ENGLISH 398
Course Title:
Professor: Michelle Levy
Institution: Simon Fraser University
Term: Fall 2020

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