Business Cases in Ethical Focus
  • Publication Date: November 20, 2019
  • ISBN: 9781554813742 / 1554813743
  • 250 pages; 6" x 9"

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Business Cases in Ethical Focus

  • Publication Date: November 20, 2019
  • ISBN: 9781554813742 / 1554813743
  • 250 pages; 6" x 9"

Business Cases in Ethical Focus is a new collection of in-depth case studies from around the world, covering all major areas of business ethics. Thirty-six cases are included, with a broad range of topics such as the ethics of entrepreneurship and finance, the challenges that diversity raises for business, and the moral issues involved in selling cannabis. The cases are provocative yet sufficiently complex to convey the difficulty of moral dilemmas and the potential for reasonable disagreement. This book can be used on its own or as a supplemental text for group discussions and assignments.

Part 1: Introductory Materials

  • A Brief Guide to Business Ethics and Case Study Analysis

Part 2: The Responsibilities of Business

  • Unit 2.1: Responsible Industries
    • 1. Corporate Lobbying on GMO Labelling Legislation
    • 2. The Ethics of the Pornography Industry
    • 3. The Business Ethics of Recreational Marijuana
    • 4. Of Prices and Pills: Ethical Issues in Pharmaceutical Pricing
    • 5. Private Prisons in the U.S.: A Cost-Benefit Analysis
    • 6. Payday Lending: America’s Unsecured Loan Market
    • 7. Children and Gambling: The Ethical Problem of Loot Boxes
  • Unit 2.2: Responsible Businesses
    • 8. The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
    • 9. Dakota Access Pipeline
    • 10. Actions Speak Louder than Words: Rebuilding Malden Mills
    • 11. Students Protest University Investments: Vanderbilt’s African Land-Grab
    • 12. The Rana Plaza Collapse
    • 13. Distributive Justice: The Case of Café Feminino

Part 3: Employment and Diversity

  • Unit 3.1: Employment
    • 14. Want This Job?: Provide Your Facebook Username and Password
    • 15. Professional Misconduct While Off-Duty
    • 16. Obligations, Responsibility, and Whistleblowing: A Case Study of Jeffrey Wigand
    • 17. Who Judges Whom: The Ethics of Performance Reviews
    • 18. Free Expression in the Workplace: The Firing of James Damore
    • 19. Distributive Justice and ‘Precarious Work’
  • Unit 3.2: Diversity
    • 20. Religious Commitments in the Workplace
    • 21. Guests with Autism and Reasonable Accommodations at Disney
    • 22. Women’s Autonomy and Fetal Protection
    • 23. Gender-based Discrimination: Glass Ceilings and Sexual Harassment
    • 24. Women and Advertising

Part 4: Business Practices

  • Unit 4.1: Buying and Selling
    • 25. The Ethics of Bluffing: Oracle’s Takeover of PeopleSoft
    • 26. Citibank and Collateralized Debt Obligations
    • 27. Misplaced Incentives: Large-Scale Fraud at Wells Fargo
    • 28. Nestlé and Advertising: An Ethical Analysis
    • 29. Pharmaceutical Payments and Opioid Prescriptions
    • 30. Conflict Minerals and Supply-Chain Management: The Case of the DRC
  • Unit 4.2: Doing Business at Home and Abroad
    • 31. Democracy in Business: The Mondragon Workers Cooperative
    • 32. The Equifax Hack
    • 33. The Case of Sci-Hub and the ‘Robin Hood’ of Science
    • 34. The Ethical Challenges of Entrepreneurship in Nigeria
    • 35. Google in China: Censorship Requirements Challenge the Internet Company
    • 36. Avon’s Corruption Case in China

Fritz Allhoff is Professor of Philosophy at Western Michigan University. Alexander Sager is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Portland State University.

  • — 36 real-world business ethics case studies, the majority of which were written for this volume
  • — Cases are organized into several broad themes, such as industry responsibility, diversity in the workplace, and international business
  • — Each case study has four parts: Background Information, Analysis, Discussion Questions, and a list of Further Readings and Resources
  • — Cases engage with provocative contemporary issues such as social media in the workplace, marijuana sales, the pornography industry, and Sci-Hub
  • — A brief introduction to business ethics and the analysis of case studies is provided to orient readers new to these topics