Broadview Online: Tools for Writers
  • 9781554814381

Availability: Canada & the US

Broadview Online: Tools for Writers

  • 9781554814381

Broadview Online: Tools for Writers will be launched in January of 2020.

Broadview Online: Tools for Writers is a reliable and user-friendly online writing handbook that provides students with all the tools they need for successful academic writing, including research and citation methods, paragraphing and essay structure, and grammar and punctuation. The site is easily searchable, allowing students to find exactly the material they need—whether that is a clear explanation of comma splices, a concise guide to essay outlining, or the APA citation format for a tweet. The online guide is accompanied by interactive quizzes to reinforce student learning. These quizzes are self-marking; they can be used by students for independent practice, or the marks can be submitted to instructors.

For Instructors:

Tools for Writers is a complete resource and can be used independently or in conjunction with other course texts from Broadview or from other publishers.

If you wish to use Tools for Writers in your course, you can do so in one of two ways:

  1. Instruct your students to visit this website in order to purchase access.
  2. If you prefer that your students purchase access through your university bookstore, please contact your Broadview sales representative or in order to arrange for standalone access cards to be made available at your bookstore.

If you wish to adopt Tools for Writers in conjunction with any Broadview writing guide or textbook, we would be happy to arrange a package at a discounted price to students. Simply contact your Broadview sales representative or, and we will provide a unique ISBN which you can use to order a package containing both the book and an access code to the Tools for Writers website.

Self-Marking Quizzes and Customization:

Tools for Writers includes a number of self-marking quizzes offering immediate feedback to students. Upon completing a quiz, your students will be given the option to email their quiz results to you. The quizzes can be navigated in any order, and you can ask your students to complete whichever quizzes you choose.

If you wish to assign only certain parts of Tools for Writers, or if you wish to modify or adapt its content to better suit your needs, you also have the option of creating a customized version of the Tools for Writers website specific to your course. If you are interested in creating a custom site, please contact your Broadview sales representative or

Tools for Writers can be “bundled” together with any Broadview title or purchased separately through the Broadview website

  • • Clear and concise coverage of academic writing skills such as research, outlining, and paragraphing; grammar, punctuation, and mechanics; and citation in MLA, APA, and Chicago Styles.
  • • Self-marking quizzes whose results can be emailed to instructors
  • • User-friendly search tool makes the site quick and easy to navigate
  • • Online handbook that can be used independently or packaged with any Broadview texts
  • • Full site or selected materials can be used as the basis for a custom course site