Topics in Political Theory

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    Racial Realities and Post-Racial Dreams

    Silver medalist for the IPPY award for Current Events in 2016! Racial Realities and Post-Racial Dreams is a moral call, a harkening and quickening of…

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    The Morality of War – Second Edition

    The first edition of The Morality of War was one of the most widely-read and successful books ever written on the topic. In this second…

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    Globalization and International Development

    This new anthology offers a wide selection of readings addressing the contemporary moral issues that arise from the division between the Global North and South—“the…

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    Nonviolence, Peace, and Justice

    This book takes a philosophical approach to questions concerning violence, war, and justice in human affairs. It offers the reader a broad introduction to underlying…

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    The Libertarian Idea

    Libertarianism is both a philosophy and a political view. The key concepts defining Libertarianism are: Individual Rights as inherent to human beings, not granted by…